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Joseph Byron Hames (M)

     Joseph Byron Hames married Vera Sarah Horn, daughter of Cyrus Alexander Horn and Mary Agnes McGuffie, on 21 September 1915.


Eleanor Nancy Hamill (F)
b. 9 October 1849, d. 28 April 1937
Pop-up Pedigree

     BURIED: Oakland Cemetery. Her body was interred at Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa. Eleanor was born at Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa, on 9 October 1849. She was the daughter of Smith Hamill and Mary (?). She married Albert McCalla Rev. at Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa, on 16 May 1871. Eleanor died on 28 April 1937 at Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, at age 87.

Children of Eleanor Nancy Hamill and Albert McCalla Rev.
Helen Wayne McCalla b. 8 Apr 1872
Thomas Clarendon McCalla Captain+ b. 7 Aug 1874
Smith Hamill McCalla b. 22 May 1876, d. 23 May 1876
Lee Albert McCalla+ b. 6 Feb 1878, d. 10 Feb 1940
Paul David Hamill McCalla b. 10 Jan 1884

Smith Hamill (M)

     He married Mary (?).


Child of Smith Hamill and Mary (?)
Eleanor Nancy Hamill+ b. 9 Oct 1849, d. 28 Apr 1937

(?) Hamilton (M)

     (?) was born at Tennessee.


Child of (?) Hamilton
Mollie E. Hamilton+ d. 6 Nov 1950

(?) Hamilton (F)

     She married John Grier at York Co., South Carolina.


Agnes Hamilton (F)

     Agnes Hamilton married Francis Wylie, son of Peter Wylie and Anne Hawthorne.


Children of Agnes Hamilton and Francis Wylie
Hance Wylie b. c 1777
Francis Wylie b. c 1781
Joseph Wylie b. c 1782
Samuel Wylie+ b. 1782, d. 3 Nov 1860
Lilly Wylie b. 1783, d. 1783
Peter Wylie b. 15 Aug 1785, d. 27 Jan 1860

Andrew Patterson Hamilton (M)
b. 29 August 1911

     Andrew Patterson Hamilton was born on 29 August 1911. He married Emily Jane Wylie, daughter of Allen James Wylie and Oliva Delphi Harvey, on 12 August 1935.


Archibald J. Hamilton (M)
b. 4 July 1830, d. 27 December 1895
Pop-up Pedigree

     Archibald was born at South Carolina on 4 July 1830. He was the son of William H. Hamilton and Nancy (?). He married Martha M. Bell at South Carolina circa 1868. Archibald J. Hamilton was census 1870 in 1870 at Fairfield Co., South Carolina; 1870 South Carolina, Fairfield Co., Twp. 12, lists the following family:

Archibald Hamilton, age 39, farmer, born in South Carolina;
Martha J., age 1, born in South Carolina;
Margaret Yarborough, age 18, born in South Carolina.

Archibald died on 27 December 1895 at South Carolina at age 65. His body was interred in December 1895 at Fairfield Co., South Carolina, at Old Lebanon Presbyterian Cemetery.


Child of Archibald J. Hamilton and Martha M. Bell
Martha Jennett Hamilton b. 22 Sep 1868, d. 15 Jan 1877

Carrie Hamilton (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Carrie Hamilton was the daughter of James Hamilton and Margaret Amanda McCoy.


Catherine A. Hamilton (F)
b. 13 November 1792, d. 12 June 1873

     She married Jacob Spangler General on 23 May 120. Catherine was born on 13 November 1792. Catherine died on 12 June 1873 at York, York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 80.

Children of Catherine A. Hamilton and Jacob Spangler General
Margaret Spangler
Susan S. Spangler+
Fannie Spangler d. 12 Mar 1840
Rose A. Helen Spangler d. 7 Aug 1840
Jacob R. Spangler+ b. 12 Jan 1824, d. 2 Mar 1882
Jane Spangler+ b. 3 Aug 1826, d. 28 Jul 1856

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