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Augustine Harlow (M)

     He married Ann Nancy Chesnut at Augusta Co., Virginia, on 17 July 1798.

George Harlow (M)

     George Harlow married Marie Garrett, daughter of Nathan Elsberry "Bud" Garrett and Stella May Dellinger. George Harlow and Marie Garrett were divorced.


David William Harman (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     David William Harman was the son of Luther Harman and Catherine William. He married Carrie Butts.


Child of David William Harman and Carrie Butts
Naomi Harman+ b. 12 Aug 1886

Luther Harman (M)

     He married Catherine William.


Child of Luther Harman and Catherine William
David William Harman+

Michael Harman1 (M)

     He married Katie Rudisill.


  1. [S103] Hans Rudisill GEDCOM, e-mail address.

Naomi Harman (F)
b. 12 August 1886
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married James McCalla Caldwell. Naomi was born on 12 August 1886. She was the daughter of David William Harman and Carrie Butts.


Children of Naomi Harman and James McCalla Caldwell
(?) Caldwell
(?) Caldwell

(?) Harmon (M)

     (?) Harmon married Susan Haines, daughter of Lewis Haines.


Almon Samuel Harmon (M)
b. 18 November 1912

     Almon Samuel Harmon was born on 18 November 1912. He married Lyda Wilma McClintock, daughter of Thomas Grier McClintock and Sarah Grace Curry, on 28 August 1940.


Anna Catherine Harmon1 (F)
b. circa 1799, d. after 1870
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna was born at Pennsylvania circa 1799. She was the daughter of Phillip Harmon and Barbara Maria Coffelt. She married George Lonas at Greene Co., Tennessee, on 21 March 1821. Anna died after 1870.

Children of Anna Catherine Harmon and George Lonas
Adam Lonas+ b. c 1822, d. 18 May 1905
Phillip Lonas+ b. 24 Nov 1827, d. 3 Oct 1896
George Lonas+ b. c 1830
Absalom B. Lonas+ b. c 1832, d. 6 Aug 1864
Catherine Lonas b. c 1834
Eveline Lonas b. c 1837
Sarah Lonas b. c 1843


  1. [S36] Dellinger - Andrick Family Group Sheet, Grimm, Robinson & Turley.

B.F. Harmon (M)

     B.F. Harmon married Rosa Hewitt.


Child of B.F. Harmon and Rosa Hewitt
Ira Lee Harmon+ b. 24 Feb 1887, d. 22 Jun 1966

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