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Ella Hastington (F)

     She married Charles Albert Chesnut.

Bruce Hatcher (M)


John Thomas Hatcher (M)

     He married Seany Angeline Chesnut on 15 July 1909.

Ann Hatfield (F)
d. circa 1811

     She married John Goudy circa 1811. Ann died circa 1811.

Clara B. Hatfield (F)
b. 5 July 1867
Pop-up Pedigree

     Clara B. Hatfield was born on 5 July 1867. She was the daughter of Henry Hatfield and Marie Bolinger. Clara B. Hatfield married Philip Dellinger, son of George Washington Dellinger and Mary Catherine Wilch, on 18 August 1897. Clara B. Hatfield was buried at I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Rochester, Fulton Co., Indiana.


Gracie Hatfield1 (F)

     She married Walter Norris Richards in 1916.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Henry Hatfield (M)

     Henry Hatfield married Marie Bolinger.


Child of Henry Hatfield and Marie Bolinger
Clara B. Hatfield b. 5 Jul 1867

Elizabeth Hatton (F)

     She married Robert Mendenhall in 1762.

Mary Hatton (F)

     Mary Hatton married John Humphreys, son of Solomon Humphreys and Mary Parker, on 21 December 1775.


Children of Mary Hatton and John Humphreys
Mary Humphreys b. 23 Sep 1782
Elizabeth Humphreys b. 21 Jan 1785, d. 22 Aug 1869
Solomon Humphreys b. 16 Dec 1786
Susannah Humphreys b. 16 Oct 1788
John Humphreys b. 2 Apr 1791
Hatton Humphreys b. 15 Apr 1796, d. 27 Apr 1796

Anna Catherine Hatzenboehlerin (F)
b. 12 December 1716

     Anna Catherine Hatzenboehlerin was born on 12 December 1716 at Ottersheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. She married Augustine Kauffman at Ottersheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, on 17 November 1739.


Children of Anna Catherine Hatzenboehlerin and Augustine Kauffman
Jacob Kauffman d. 1777
Andrew Kauffman+ d. 1828
Daniel Kauffman d. May 1807
George John Kauffman+ b. c 1749, d. 1833
Adolph Kauffman b. 1 Jul 1755, d. 17 Jul 1833
Henry Kauffman b. 3 Sep 1764, d. 2 Feb 1827

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