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Anna Catherine Abernethy (F)
b. 1792, d. 22 July 1834

     Anna Catherine Abernethy was born in 1792. She married Philip Shuford, son of John Martin Shuford and Eve Catherine Warlick, on 9 February 1807. Anna Catherine Abernethy died on 22 July 1834.

Children of Anna Catherine Abernethy and Philip Shuford
Catherine Shuford b. 22 Dec 1807, d. 26 Feb 1884
Elizabeth Shuford b. 19 Feb 1810
Robert M. Shuford b. 5 Apr 1812, d. 3 Jun 1898
Frances A. Shuford b. 26 Aug 1814, d. 30 Jul 1903
Sarah E. Shuford b. 2 Jan 1817
Ann Shuford+ b. 30 Apr 1820, d. 10 Dec 1901
Adeline Amy Shuford b. 12 Aug 1822, d. 5 May 1914
Obed P. Shuford b. 28 Mar 1826

Drury G. Abernethy (M)

     Drury G. Abernethy married Elizabeth Rhyne, daughter of John Rhyne and Sarah Shuford.


Robert Sidney Abernethy (M)

     Robert Sidney Abernethy married Julia Blair.


Child of Robert Sidney Abernethy and Julia Blair
Ada Grace Abernethy+ b. 12 Jan 1881, d. 13 Dec 1971

Anne Abraham (F)
b. 31 January 1755, d. 18 October 1793
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anne was born at Pennsylvania on 31 January 1755. She was the daughter of Benjamin Abraham and Elizabeth Goheen. She married Thomas Wynn at Douglasville, Berks Co., Pennsylvania, on 13 October 1773. Anne died on 18 October 1793 at Pennsylvania at age 38.


Child of Anne Abraham and Thomas Wynn
Anne Wynn

Benjamin Abraham (M)
d. 1785
Pop-up Pedigree

     Benjamin Abraham was born. He was the son of Noah Abraham and Mary Wynne. He married Elizabeth Goheen at Pennsylvania. Benjamin died in 1785.


Children of Benjamin Abraham and Elizabeth Goheen
Mary Abraham+ b. c 1747, d. 1808
Anne Abraham+ b. 31 Jan 1755, d. 18 Oct 1793

Enoch Abraham (M)

     Enoch Abraham married Rebecca Wynn, daughter of Thomas Wynn and Letitia (?), circa 1813 at Fayette Co., Ohio.


James Abraham1 (M)

     He married Susan Eastburn.


Child of James Abraham and Susan Eastburn
Martha M. Abraham+


  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

Jane Abraham (F)

     Jane Abraham married Warner Wynn, son of Warner Wynn and Mary Abraham, on 16 October 1814 at Butler Co., Ohio.


Martha M. Abraham1 (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Martha M. Abraham was the daughter of James Abraham and Susan Eastburn. She married Dr. James Baynes Walker at Pennsylvania on 3 October 1873.


Children of Martha M. Abraham and Dr. James Baynes Walker
Helen D. Walker
James A. Walker
Alice Walker


  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

Mary Abraham (F)
b. circa 1747, d. 1808
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born at Berks Co., Pennsylvania, circa 1747. She was the daughter of Benjamin Abraham and Elizabeth Goheen. She married Warner Wynn at Pennsylvania on 3 January 1775. Mary died in 1808 at Fayette Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Mary Abraham and Warner Wynn
Elizabeth Wynn b. c 1776
Sarah Wynn b. c 1778
Nancy Wynn b. c 1780
Polly Wynn b. c 1782
Hannah Wynn+ b. c 1784, d. c 1819
Jonathan Wynn+ b. c 1786
Warner Wynn b. c 1790

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