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My Family Tree - Person Page 2691

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 2691

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Howard Henry Haynes (M)
b. 1917, d. 1994
Pop-up Pedigree

     Howard Henry Haynes was born in 1917. He was the son of William Columbus Haynes and Brentie Florence Weaver. Howard Henry Haynes died in 1994.


James Haynes1,2,3,4 (M)
b. 1815

     James was born at Cleveland Co., North Carolina, in 1815. He married Elizabeth Betsy Dellinger at Lincoln Co., North Carolina, on 4 August 1837.


Child of James Haynes and Elizabeth Betsy Dellinger
Ranhugh Workman Haynes+ b. 1845, d. 12 Jun 1921


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James W. Haynes1 (M)
b. 14 February 1871, d. 18 April 1911

     James was born at Wayne Co., Pennsylvania, on 14 February 1871. He married Margaret D. Lightner at Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania, on 17 July 1895. James died on 18 April 1911 at Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania, at age 40.


Child of James W. Haynes and Margaret D. Lightner
Rexford Isaac Haynes+ b. 21 Mar 1896, d. 23 Mar 1938


  1. [S45] George Dellinger - Barbara Hockman, Margaret M. Haynes.

Jerry Haynes (M)

     Jerry Haynes married Francina May Foltz, daughter of Levi Foltz and Matilda Whittington.


Johnson Lee Haynes (M)
d. 1943

     Johnson Lee Haynes married Bell Zora Morris, daughter of Milton Columbus Morris and Sarah Rosana Williams. Johnson Lee Haynes died in 1943.


Lewis Haynes1 (M)
b. 1847, d. 1919

     Lewis was born at Pulaski Co., Kentucky, in 1847. He married Lettice Farmer at Pulaski Co., Kentucky, on 1 February 1870. Lewis died in 1919.

Child of Lewis Haynes and Lettice Farmer
Mary Margaret Haynes+ b. 27 Oct 1873, d. 13 Mar 1949


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Lillie Haynes (F)
b. 11 July 1870, d. 14 May 1926

     Lillie was born at Ohio on 11 July 1870. She married Charles L. Prugh at Madison Co., Ohio, on 17 January 1894. Lillie died on 14 May 1926 at age 55.


Children of Lillie Haynes and Charles L. Prugh
Florence Prugh b. 21 Nov 1895, d. 24 Mar 1897
Eva M. Prugh b. 7 Mar 1897
George E. Prugh+ b. 8 Feb 1899, d. 22 Feb 1932

Mary Margaret Haynes1 (F)
b. 27 October 1873, d. 13 March 1949
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born at Somerset, Pulaski Co., Kentucky, on 27 October 1873. She was the daughter of Lewis Haynes and Lettice Farmer. She married John Greene Poynter at Pulaski Co., Kentucky, on 19 February 1891. Mary died on 13 March 1949 at Ottawa, LaSalle Co., Illinois, at age 75. Her body was interred on 16 March 1949 at Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Indiana, at Ladoga Cemetery.

Children of Mary Margaret Haynes and John Greene Poynter
Robert Leslie Poynter+ b. 28 May 1892, d. 17 Feb 1962
Ida Poynter b. 11 Aug 1894
Paralee Poynter b. 31 Dec 1896
Ola Poynter b. 6 Oct 1899
Brent Poynter+ b. 10 Dec 1902, d. May 1968
Icy Poynter b. 11 Aug 1904
Mildred Poynter b. 31 Jul 1915


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Mary Sue Haynes1 (F)
d. 1991

     Mary Sue Haynes died in 1991.


Child of Mary Sue Haynes
Joseph Alan Strong b. 15 Nov 1953


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Matthew Haynes1 (M)

     He married Francis Seitz. He migrated.


  1. [S110] In Memoriam: John Barnett Smith, Alfred Nixon.

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