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Zeph Howell Haynes (M)
b. 5 June 1871, d. 26 March 1886
Pop-up Pedigree

     Zeph was born on 5 June 1871. He was the son of Thomas W. Haynes and Agnes Isabella Fee. Zeph died on 26 March 1886 at age 14. He was New Tag Obituary from the March 30, 1886 Arkansas Gazette:

"Monticello, Mar. 27 - This has been quite an eventful day for Monticello. One death and three fights. Little Zeph Haynes, the son of Mrs. Belle Haynes, widow of Tom Haynes, formerly sheriff of this county, accidentally shot and killed himself today. The circumstances, as brought out in the evidence before the coroners jury of inquest were about as follows: He went hunting with two boys, 15 or 16 years old, who live near this place. When they had been for some time rambling through the woods in quest of game, one of the older boys and Zeph were endeavoring to swap guns. Zeph, not being exactly satisfied with the other's gun, proposed to test it by shooting at a bird sitting on the limb of a tree before them. In order to do this, he started to lean his own, a single barrel shotgun, against a tree. The gun being cocked and the muzzle pointing toward him, the hammer struck the tree and it went off, firing a whole load directly through his heart, killing him instantly! The charge entered his left breast, going through his heart and came out just under his shoulder blade near his backbone. The tragedy occurred about two miles from this place. The poor little fellow, whom the writer knew well, was a bright, affectionate, promising and obedient child of 12 or 13 years old. Being a favorite and loved by all who knew him, his loss is regretted with the deepest sorrow by the good people of our town. But, oh, for the bitter pangs and aching heart of that sadly bereaved, loving and gentle mother. Permit the writer to express his heartfelt sympathy and profound sorrow. May God comfort her bleeding heart, soften the intense anguish of her troubled sould and help her to bear the awful grief of a true and devoted mother."
On 30 March 1886 at Monticello, Drew Co., Arkansas.


(?) Hays (M)
d. 27 June 1872
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) Hays was born. He was the son of David Jackson Hays and Nancy Elizabeth Jackson. (?) Hays died on 27 June 1872.


(?) Hays (F)
b. 23 February 1885
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) Hays was born on 23 February 1885. She was the daughter of David Jackson Hays and Nancy Elizabeth Jackson.


Abram Packer Hays (M)
b. 16 September 1887, d. 17 September 1947

     Abram was born on 16 September 1887. Abram died on 17 September 1947 at age 60.

Albert J. Hays (M)
b. circa 1853
Pop-up Pedigree

     Albert was born at Indiana circa 1853. He was the son of Samuel R. Hays and Mary Clark. He married Anna J. Hight at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 10 June 1874.


Children of Albert J. Hays and Anna J. Hight
Martha Hays
Mary Emily Hays b. Mar 1877

Alexander Hays1 (M)

     He married Malinda Hoover at Wayne Co., Indiana, on 26 March 1846.


  1. [S47] Peter & Elizabeth Hoover, Ruth Hoover Bowers.

Belle McKinney Hays (F)
b. 12 October 1867

     Belle was born on 12 October 1867. She married Gilbert E. Swope Dr. on 24 September 1890.

Carrah Hays (F)
b. 13 February 1878, d. 21 October 1903
Pop-up Pedigree

     BURIED: Prosperity Cemetery. Her body was interred at Lincoln Co., Tennessee. Carrah was born on 13 February 1878. She was the daughter of John B. Hays and Minerva Ann Hayes. She married Robert N. Bradford at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 21 October 1896. Carrah died on 21 October 1903 at age 25.

David Jackson Hays (M)
b. 22 December 1835, d. 7 April 1898
Pop-up Pedigree

     David Jackson Hays was born on 22 December 1835 at Virginia. He was the son of John Henderson Hays and Mary Jones Jackson. David Jackson Hays married Nancy Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of James Madison Jackson and Emma Eleanor Law, in 1870. David Jackson Hays died on 7 April 1898 at West Virginia at age 62.


Children of David Jackson Hays and Nancy Elizabeth Jackson
(?) Hays d. 27 Jun 1872
Margaret Ruth Hays b. 2 Nov 1873
Lovent Return Hays b. 11 Jan 1876, d. 27 Mar 1919
Perry Minor Hays b. 3 Dec 1878
Stokley David Hays b. 9 May 1880
Juliet Phebe Hays b. 23 Feb 1885
(?) Hays b. 23 Feb 1885

Elizabeth Hays (F)

     She married Edward Humphreys.


Children of Elizabeth Hays and Edward Humphreys
John H. Humphreys
Susan E. Humphreys
Mary K. Humphreys
Charles H. Humphreys
Jane Humphreys

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