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Edna Adams1 (F)

     She married John William Keefer Ford.



  1. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.

Emma Luella Adams (F)
b. 15 May 1910

     Emma Luella Adams was born on 15 May 1910. She married William Kenneth Garrett, son of Nathan Elsberry "Bud" Garrett and Stella May Dellinger, on 19 December 1926.


Children of Emma Luella Adams and William Kenneth Garrett
(?) Garrett b. 29 Dec 1929, d. 29 Dec 1929
Dorothy Maxine Garrett+ b. 2 Mar 1931, d. 2000

Florence May Adams (F)

     She married Charles Hilbert.


Child of Florence May Adams and Charles Hilbert
Gene Robert Hilbert+ b. 13 Jun 1902, d. 7 Jun 1987

Frances Eliza Adams (F)
b. 17 January 1847, d. 7 September 1918

     Frances was born on 17 January 1847. She married Thomas Scott Brice on 2 May 1871. Frances died on 7 September 1918 at age 71. Her body was interred in September 1918 at Fairfield Co., South Carolina, at New Hope ARP Cemetery.

Children of Frances Eliza Adams and Thomas Scott Brice
Eliza B. Brice b. 1873
Mary A. Brice b. 1874
Robert Hemphill Brice b. 5 Nov 1875, d. 1 Sep 1877
James McEwen Adams Brice b. 7 May 1877, d. 28 Apr 1880
Thomas Leslie Brice b. 25 Apr 1888, d. 21 May 1951

George H. Adams (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     George H. Adams was the son of Alexander Adams and Mary J. (?). George H. Adams married Eva E. Hutchinson, daughter of William A. Hutchinson and Elizabeth Hollinger, in 1890 at Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania.


Child of George H. Adams and Eva E. Hutchinson
Grace Viola Adams

Grace Viola Adams (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Grace Viola Adams was the daughter of George H. Adams and Eva E. Hutchinson.


Harriet Adams (F)
b. 27 December 1822, d. 28 August 1896

     Harriet Adams was born on 27 December 1822 at Pennsylvania. She married Elias Bails, son of Michael Bail and Elizabeth Ecker. Harriet Adams died on 28 August 1896 at Carthage Twp., Athens Co., Ohio, at age 73. She was buried in August 1896 at Orange Cemetery, Carthage Twp., Athens Co., Ohio.


Children of Harriet Adams and Elias Bails
Elizabeth A. Bails b. 1847
John D. Bails+ b. 1848
Mary J. Bails+ b. 1851
George Bails b. 1854
Samuel O. Bails+ b. 1856, d. 6 Mar 1898
Alfred Bails+ b. 8 May 1858, d. 12 Sep 1927
Arthur Bails b. 1861
Elmer Bails+ b. 16 Aug 1863, d. 10 Jul 1931
Ellsworth Bails b. 16 Aug 1863
Everett E. Bails+ b. 2 Sep 1866, d. 17 Sep 1897

Hetty Adams (F)

     She married John Adam Hoffheins Rev..


James Arthur Adams1 (M)

     He married Nettie Dellinger.


  1. [S141] 8 September 2000 e-mail, Bonnie.

John Adams (M)

     He married Phoebe Wynne at Blockley Twp., Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.


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