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My Family Tree - Person Page 276

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 276

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John Adams (M)

     John Adams married Agnes (?).


Child of John Adams and Agnes (?)
Mary Adams b. c 1745, d. 16 Feb 1769

John A. Adams (M)

     He married Christina Nancy (?).


Child of John A. Adams and Christina Nancy (?)
Nancy Jane Adam+ b. 1845, d. 29 Mar 1898

John Robert Adams (M)
b. 28 January 1927, d. 23 June 1961

     John Robert Adams was born on 28 January 1927. He married Betty Louise Carper, daughter of Franks Carper and Annie Mary Catherine Showns. John Robert Adams died on 23 June 1961 at age 34.


Jonnie Adams1,2 (F)

     Jonnie Adams married Jay Stinson Dellinger, son of John Franklin Dellinger and Camella Maude Stinson.1,2


Child of Jonnie Adams and Jay Stinson Dellinger
Camelia Estelle Dellinger b. 22 Nov 1936, d. 13 Feb 19841,2


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Judith Adams (F)

     She married William Burke McCall. She married William Peaslie Chesnut after 1880.

Katherine Adams (F)
b. 1876

     Katherine was born in 1876. She married Farrar L. McCain at Arkansas on 31 January 1900.

Margaret Adams1,2,3 (F)
b. 15 December 1826, d. 15 December 1900

     Margaret was born on 15 December 1826. She married Moses Pinkney Dellinger. Margaret died on 15 December 1900 at age 74. Her body was interred in December 1900 at Shelby, Cleveland Co., North Carolina, at Sunset Cemetery.


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Margaret Adams1 (F)

     She married John David Plonk.


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Marjorie Anna Adams (F)
b. 4 January 1914, d. 17 November 1981

     Marjorie Anna Adams was born on 4 January 1914. She married Samuel Edward Chesnut Jr., son of Samuel Edward Chesnut and Daisy Belle Gilbert. Marjorie Anna Adams died on 17 November 1981 at age 67.


Child of Marjorie Anna Adams and Samuel Edward Chesnut Jr.
David Harold Chesnut b. 16 Jan 1939, d. 3 Feb 1939

Martha Adams (F)
b. 1846, d. 15 January 1932

     Martha Adams was born in 1846 at York Co., Pennsylvania. She married Henry Melvin Gohn, son of Henry D. Gohn and Mary Tome, on 19 December 1888 at Lancaster, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. Martha Adams died on 15 January 1932 at Windsor Cemetery, Windsor Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


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