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Franz Herrmann (M)
b. 4 October 1822

     Franz Herrmann was born on 4 October 1822 at Grunertshofen, Germany. He married Monika Dellinger, daughter of Joseph Dellinger and Maria Augustin.

Alva Chalmers Herron1 (M)

     He married Lillian Alice Dellinger on 28 February 1920.



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Saphronia Mackie Victoria Herron (F)
b. 7 October 1861
Pop-up Pedigree

     Saphronia was born at Alabama on 7 October 1861. She was the daughter of William Herron and Annie Mims.

William Herron (M)

     He married Annie Mims.

Child of William Herron and Annie Mims
Saphronia Mackie Victoria Herron b. 7 Oct 1861

Gertrude Sophia Hersey1,2,3 (F)
b. 18 July 1879, d. 19 February 1973
Pop-up Pedigree

     Gertrude was born on 18 July 1879. She was the daughter of Samuel Hersey and Julia Ziegler. She married William Henry Dellinger at York, York Co., Pennsylvania, on 4 October 1900. From an article in the July 27th 1960 York Gazette:

"Dellinger Family Gathering Is Held

The family of Mrs. Gertrude Dellinger, Stewartstown, held the annual reunion at Caledonia park and at the same time honored their mother who celebrated her 81st birthday.

Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Dellinger and son, Ross; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dellinger and daughters Brenda and Diane; Mrs. Emory Dellinger, David Dellinger, Mrs. Gertrude Dellinger, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bartenslager, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGuigan and children, Joyce and Keith.

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Barnhart, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saltzgiver, Alleen Saltzgiver, Mr. and Mrs. William Holtzapple and son, Mark; Mr. and Mrs. John Hyson Wilson and children, Sandra, Gloria and Ronald; James Marsteller, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burking and daughers, Colleen and Carol, and Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Grove and children, Sandra, Dennis and Samuel."
Gertrude died on 19 February 1973 at Stewartstown, York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 93.


Children of Gertrude Sophia Hersey and William Henry Dellinger
Kenneth Hersey Dellinger+ b. 27 Sep 1901
Hazel Loretta Dellinger+ b. 4 Feb 1904
Cletus Henry Dellinger+ b. 14 Apr 1906, d. 3 Mar 1986
Edna Romaine Dellinger+ b. 7 Feb 1908, d. 1 Mar 1981
Emory Spurgen Dellinger+ b. 23 Jan 1910, d. 13 Dec 1995
Edith Gertrude Dellinger+ b. 22 Apr 1912, d. 29 Oct 1980
Walter Eugene Dellinger+ b. 22 Feb 1914, d. 25 Apr 1997
Dorothy Irene Dellinger+ b. 27 Jul 1916


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Samuel Hersey (M)

     Samuel Hersey married Julia Ziegler.


Child of Samuel Hersey and Julia Ziegler
Gertrude Sophia Hersey+ b. 18 Jul 1879, d. 19 Feb 1973

Allen Hersh (M)
b. 10 February 1837
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lived in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Allen was born on 10 February 1837. He was the son of George Hersh and Nancy McClellan.


Ann Elizabeth Hersh (F)
b. 1770
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ann Elizabeth Hersh was born in 1770. She was the daughter of Hamon Hersh and Mary (?). Ann Elizabeth Hersh married Jacob Nicodemus, son of Johann Heinrich Nicodemus and Anna Maria Baile, circa 1791 at Frederick Co., Maryland.


Children of Ann Elizabeth Hersh and Jacob Nicodemus
James Nicodemus
Rebecca Nicodemus d. 14 Sep 1893
John Nicodemus b. 1792
(?) Nicodemus b. bt 1794 - 1800
(?) Nicodemus b. bt 1794 - 1800
Henrick Ludwig Nicodemus b. 5 Dec 1794, d. 2 Sep 1866
Joseph Nicodemus b. c 1798, d. 23 Aug 1875
Philip Nicodemus b. bt 1800 - 1810
(?) Nicodemus b. bt 1800 - 1810
(?) Nicodemus b. bt 1810 - 1815
Herbert Nicodemus b. 1816
Daniel Nicodemus b. bt 1820 - 1825

Catherine Arabella Hersh (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Catherine Arabella Hersh was the daughter of George Edward Hersh and Charlotte Ellen Hamilton Cox.


Catherine M. Hersh (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Catherine M. Hersh was the daughter of Franklin Hersh and Eliza Amelia McClellan.


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