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Elizabeth Ann Hester (F)

     She married Charles Handy Sr. at Putnam Co., Indiana, on 20 August 1899.

Letiche Heston (F)

     She married James Powell at Washington Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Letiche Heston and James Powell
Nancy Powell
Sarah Powell+
Elihu Powell

Julia Hetherman (F)
b. 28 May 195

     Julia was born at Kingman, Kingman Co., Kansas, on 28 May 195. She married Kenneth Ellsworth Mitchell at Nickerson, Reno Co., Kansas, on 30 August 1930.


(?) Hetrick (M)

     He married Leah Spangler. Lived in York Co., Pennsylvania.


Hezekiah Hetrick (M)

     He married Catherine Diehl. Lived in Glenville, Pennsylvania.


Margaretha Hettler1 (F)

     She married Johann Reitz.


Child of Margaretha Hettler and Johann Reitz
Wilhelm Heinrich Reitz b. 9 Nov 1869


  1. [S11] Oberacker, Herzer.

Anna Hettrick (F)

     She married Ambrose Null.

Child of Anna Hettrick and Ambrose Null
Rufus Valintine Null+ b. 19 Jul 1860, d. 1 Oct 1915

Ann Hewes (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ann Hewes was the daughter of Moses Hewes and Hannah Habbersett. She married Amos M. Sharpless at Upper Darby, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania, on 30 September 1826.


Children of Ann Hewes and Amos M. Sharpless
William H. Sharpless b. 25 Jul 1827, d. 25 Aug 1850
Mary A. Sharpless b. 22 Apr 1830
Benjamin F. Sharpless+ b. 14 May 1831
J. Wilson Sharpless+ b. Aug 1834
Amos M. Sharpless Jr. b. 3 Feb 1837
Amos C. Sharpless+ b. 3 Jun 1839
James W. Sharpless+ b. 27 Apr 1841

Mary Eleanor Hewes (F)
b. 27 April 1849, d. 24 February 1875

     Mary Eleanor Hewes was born on 27 April 1849 at Vermillion Co., Indiana. She married George Young Stipp, son of George Stipp and Mary Young, on 3 February 1871. Mary Eleanor Hewes died on 24 February 1875 at age 25. She was buried in February 1875 at Leonard Cemetery, Bismarck, Vermillion Co., Illinois.


Child of Mary Eleanor Hewes and George Young Stipp
Frederick Ehud Stipp b. 16 Jan 1873, d. 13 Nov 1905

Moses Hewes (M)

     He married Hannah Habbersett.


Child of Moses Hewes and Hannah Habbersett
Ann Hewes+

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