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Agnes Nell Hindman (F)
b. 6 September 1915, d. 23 March 1969

     Agnes Nell Hindman was born on 6 September 1915. She married Alexander Baxter Cashion, son of James Futhey Cashion and Margaret Elma McLister. Agnes Nell Hindman died on 23 March 1969 at age 53.


Elsie Verda Hindman1 (F)
b. 7 January 1900, d. 28 September 1954

     Elsie Verda Hindman was born on 7 January 1900 at Herrin, Illinois. She married Earl Lahr, son of David H. Lahr and Emma Jane Aughenbaugh, on 28 July 1919 at Lincoln, Logan Co., Illinois.1 Elsie Verda Hindman died on 28 September 1954 at Lincoln, Logan Co., Illinois, at age 54.1 She was buried in September 1954 at Union Cemetery, Lincoln, Logan Co., Illinois.


Children of Elsie Verda Hindman and Earl Lahr
Robert Kenneth Lahr+ b. 12 May 1920, d. 6 Jan 19971
Donald Lewis Lahr+ b. 9 Apr 1921, d. 25 Sep 20011
Joseph Earl Lahr+ b. 3 Dec 1923, d. 21 Jun 19991
Dorathy Alice Lahr+ b. 5 Oct 1926, d. 22 Nov 19961
Mildred Daloris Lahr b. 28 Sep 1928, d. 17 May 19991


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Martha Hindman (F)
b. 20 July 1905

     Martha was born on 20 July 1905. She married Neill Douglass Tinkler.


Mary Hindman (F)

     She married James Hamilton.

Child of Mary Hindman and James Hamilton
John Hindman Hamilton+ b. 8 Nov 1874, d. 5 May 1933

Aleck J. Hinds (M)

     Aleck J. Hinds was census 1920 in 1920 at Chickasha, Oklahoma; In the 1920 census for Chickasha, Oklahoma the following family is found at 214 Colorado Avenue:

Hinds, Aleck J., head;
----, Myrtle, wife;
Dellinger, Martha, mother-in-law, white, age 63, born in North Carolina. He married Myrtle Dellinger, daughter of Noah Adam Dellinger and Martha Susan Bright.


Charles Ernest Hinds (M)
b. 13 October 1878, d. 6 January 1938

     Charles was born at Fayette Co., Indiana, on 13 October 1878. He married Amanda Lou Violet Smith. Charles died on 6 January 1938 at age 59.


Child of Charles Ernest Hinds and Amanda Lou Violet Smith
Harriett Ellen Hinds+ b. 8 Jul 1910, d. 6 Mar 1978

Harriett Ellen Hinds (F)
b. 8 July 1910, d. 6 March 1978
Pop-up Pedigree

     Harriett was born at Elwood, Madison Co., Indiana, on 8 July 1910. She was the daughter of Charles Ernest Hinds and Amanda Lou Violet Smith. She married Vernon Clarence May. Harriett died on 6 March 1978 at Elwood, Madison Co., Indiana, at age 67.


Charles Hines (M)
b. circa 1895

     Charles was born circa 1895. He married Beulah Art Wells at Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennessee, on 2 May 1918.

Clara Hines (F)
b. 1819
Pop-up Pedigree

     Clara Hines was born in 1819. She was the daughter of Philip Hines and Mary M. Shuford.

Curtis McClure Hines1,2 (M)
b. 17 November 1904, d. 12 May 1982

     Curtis McClure Hines was born on 17 November 1904.1,2 He married Mary Faye Dellinger, daughter of James Andrew Dellinger and Essie Justice.1,2 Curtis McClure Hines died on 12 May 1982 at age 77.1,2



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