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Rebecca Frances Hoffman (F)
b. 1845, d. 1932
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rebecca Frances Hoffman was born in 1845 at Warren Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of Henry Hoffman and Catherine Dellinger. Rebecca Frances Hoffman married Cornelius Vincent, son of Elias Vincent and Ann Swartz, on 10 April 1873 at Warren Co., Virginia. Rebecca Frances Hoffman died in 1932.


Children of Rebecca Frances Hoffman and Cornelius Vincent
Annie Vincent
Richard H. Vincent+ d. b 1932
Sarah Elizabeth Vincent+ b. 12 Jun 1870, d. 28 Sep 1946

Robert Hoffman1 (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Robert Hoffman was the son of Lafayette Hoffman and Mary Costner.


  1. [S122] Descendants of John Teeter Beam, James Beam.

Ronald F. Hoffman (M)
b. 2 June 1891
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ronald F. Hoffman was born on 2 June 1891. He was the son of Walter Albert Hoffman and Mary Dorothy Baker. Ronald F. Hoffman married Mabel G. (?).


Roy Hoffman (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Roy Hoffman was the son of Marcus William Hoffman and Ethel R. Cooper.


Samuel Hoffman (M)

     He married Sarah Spangler.


Samuel Andrew Hoffman1,2 (M)
b. 28 June 1873, d. 20 December 1939

     Samuel was born at Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, on 28 June 1873. He married Kate Poff at York Co., Pennsylvania, on 22 August 1893. Samuel died on 20 December 1939 at New York, New York Co., New York, at age 66.


Child of Samuel Andrew Hoffman and Kate Poff
Verna Hoffman b. 14 Jun 1900


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Samuel N. Hoffman1 (M)
b. 18 September 1856, d. 10 August 1928

     Samuel N. Hoffman was born on 18 September 1856. He married Amanda Conn. Samuel N. Hoffman died on 10 August 1928 at Pleasureville, York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 71. He was New Tag From a August 1928 York Co., Pennsylvania newpaper:

"Samuel M. Hoffman
Dies At Pleasureville

Pleasureville, Aug. 10 - Samuel M. Hoffman died at 2:25 o'clock this afternoon at his home, here, following a lingering illness due to a complication of disease. The deceased was age 71 years, 10 months and 22 days.

He leaves his widow, and the following children: Mrs. Elmira Dellinger, Mt. Wolf; Mrs. Rebecca McCannister, of Windsor Park; Mrs. Cleveland Hoffman, Littlestown; Mrs. Effie Wolf, York; Mrs. Amanda Ford, York; Mrs. Jessie Hoffman, of York, R.D. 5, and Harry Hoffman at hoe.

Funeral services will be conducted at the late home ata 1:30 o'clock on Monday afternoon. Further services will be held at Mt. Zion church. Interment will take place in the cemetery adjoining church. H. Sleeger and Sons, funeral directors, of York, prepared the body for burial."
On 10 August 1928 at Pleasureville, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Samuel N. Hoffman and Amanda Conn
Rebecca Hoffman
Effie Hoffman
Jesse C. Hoffman
Harry C. Hoffman
Elmira Conn Hoffman+ b. 21 Feb 1887, d. Mar 1974
Amanda Hoffman+ b. c 1896, d. 20 Aug 1937


  1. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.

Sarah Catherine Hoffman (F)
b. circa 1844, d. after May 1918
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah Catherine Hoffman was born circa 1844 at Virginia. She was the daughter of Henry Hoffman and Catherine Dellinger. Sarah Catherine Hoffman married Richard R. Stokes, son of John Stokes and Louisa Ridgeway, on 11 September 1866 at Warren Co., Virginia. Sarah Catherine Hoffman died after May 1918.


Children of Sarah Catherine Hoffman and Richard R. Stokes
Eliza Jane Stokes+ b. c 1867
Thomas W. Stokes b. c 1869
Sarah Catherine Stokes b. 26 Apr 1870
Sarah Catherine Stokes b. 20 Nov 1871
Lucy Ella Stokes+ b. c 1873
James R. Stokes b. 6 Nov 1874, d. 27 May 1909
William Henry Stokes+ b. c 1877, d. 1939

Sophia Dorothea Hoffman (F)

     She married Jacob Spengler at Weyler, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany, on 14 June 1729.


Children of Sophia Dorothea Hoffman and Jacob Spengler
Johann Michel Spengler b. 24 Aug 1730
Maria Barbara Spengler b. c 1733

Susan Hoffman (F)

     She married Christian Spengler.


Children of Susan Hoffman and Christian Spengler
Peter Anthony Spengler+
Abram Spengler General+ d. 1893
Lucy Spengler+
Mary C. Spengler+
George Madison Spengler+

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