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Barbara Annie Hollar (F)

     Barbara Annie Hollar married (?) Hottel.


Child of Barbara Annie Hollar and (?) Hottel
Lydia Virginia Jennie Hottel+ b. Dec 1853, d. 20 Mar 1919

Catharina A. Hollar (F)
b. 14 May 1817

     Catharina A. Hollar was born on 14 May 1817 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia. She married Israel Fry on 14 September 1844 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia.

Child of Catharina A. Hollar and Israel Fry
Nettie Fry

Catherine Hollar1 (F)
b. circa 1768

     Catherine was born circa 1768. She married Peter Helsley at Frederick Co., Virginia, circa 1785.

Children of Catherine Hollar and Peter Helsley
Frederick Helsley
Anna Maria Helsley+ b. 22 Feb 1799, d. 6 Jul 1887


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Dora Catherine Hollar (F)
b. 1 February 1871, d. 8 January 1914

     Dora Catherine Hollar was born on 1 February 1871 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia. She married Gilbert A. Rhinehart on 8 January 1895. Dora Catherine Hollar died on 8 January 1914 at age 42.

Dorothy Hollar1 (F)

     She married Martin Dellinger at Shenandoah Co., Virginia, on 9 April 1804.


Children of Dorothy Hollar and Martin Dellinger
Abraham Dellinger+ b. 15 Jul 1804, d. 13 Apr 1874
Joshua Dellinger+ b. 1809, d. 7 Jun 1893
Leah Dellinger b. 28 Jul 1814, d. 15 Oct 1889
Absalom Dellinger+ b. 1817, d. 2 Jan 1873


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Fannie Hollar (F)

     Fannie Hollar married Fenton Rhinehart.


Child of Fannie Hollar and Fenton Rhinehart
Flora Mae Rhinehart b. 17 May 1886, d. 6 Nov 1983

Grover Milton Hollar Sr. (M)
b. 30 June 1895, d. 22 November 1972

     Grover Milton Hollar Sr. was born on 30 June 1895 at Columbia Furnance, Shenandoah Co., Virginia. He married Grace Virginia Sheetz, daughter of John A Sheetz Jr. and Annie Elizabeth Hollar, on 22 April 1914. Grover Milton Hollar Sr. died on 22 November 1972 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia, at age 77.

Child of Grover Milton Hollar Sr. and Grace Virginia Sheetz
Oscar Hollar b. 8 Apr 1916, d. 9 Jun 1960

Henry Hollar (M)
b. circa 1774

     Henry was born circa 1774. He married Catherine Helsley at Shenandoah Co., Virginia, on 7 March 1797.

Lucretia Hollar (F)
b. 15 July 1861, d. 1 August 1938

     Lucretia Hollar was born on 15 July 1861. She married Walter S. Sheetz, son of John A. Sheetz Sr. and Mary Ann Bell Coffman, on 9 December 1883 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia. Lucretia Hollar died on 1 August 1938 at age 77.

Child of Lucretia Hollar and Walter S. Sheetz
Clarence Milton Sheetz b. c 1888

Nellie Frances Hollar (F)
b. 23 January 1896, d. 19 August 1962
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nellie Frances Hollar was born on 23 January 1896. She was the daughter of Randolph Tucker Hollar and Annie E. Rosenberger. Nellie Frances Hollar married Lester Albertus Dellinger on 15 November 1915. Nellie Frances Hollar died on 19 August 1962 at age 66.

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