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Sudie E. Hooper (F)
b. 16 June 1874

     Sudie E. Hooper was born on 16 June 1874. She married David Franklin Friday, son of Marion David Friday and Sarah Anne Black, on 7 February 1895.

Children of Sudie E. Hooper and David Franklin Friday
Lelia Friday b. 13 Nov 1895
David Latham Friday+ b. 17 Dec 1896

Susan T. Hooper (F)

     She married Charles Strong Brice on 17 December 1874.


Children of Susan T. Hooper and Charles Strong Brice
William Robert Brice b. 1875
Susan Annette Brice b. 1879

Will Hooper1 (M)
b. circa 1874

     Will Hooper was born circa 1874.1 He married Lucy Harbin, daughter of James Franklin Harbin and Rachel M. Addington.1



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Abraham Hoopes (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Abraham Hoopes was the son of Benjamin Hoopes and Lydia Worrall. Abraham Hoopes married Sarah Williamson.


Benjamin Hoopes (M)

     He married Lydia Worrall in 1771.


Child of Benjamin Hoopes and Lydia Worrall
Abraham Hoopes

Mary Hoopes (F)

     Mary Hoopes married Jacob Test.


Child of Mary Hoopes and Jacob Test
Mary Ann Test+ b. 4 Mar 1863, d. 17 Aug 1949

Maude Hooven (F)
b. 15 November 1865

     Maude was born on 15 November 1865. She married John Washington Prugh on 18 January 1900.

Children of Maude Hooven and John Washington Prugh
Lawrence Hooven Prugh b. 15 Nov 1900, d. 6 Sep 1968
John Patterson Prugh b. Oct 1903, d. Oct 1903

Pauline M. Hooven1,2 (F)

     She married Raymond A. Dietz Sr..


Child of Pauline M. Hooven and Raymond A. Dietz Sr.
Natalie Polly Dietz+ b. 11 Aug 1925, d. 9 May 1980


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(?) Hoover (F)

     She married Pringle Grier.


Absalom Hoover1,2,3 (M)
b. 1 February 1792, d. 26 September 1857
Pop-up Pedigree

     He married Christena Ray. Absalom was born at North Carolina on 1 February 1792. He was the son of Peter Hoover and Elizabeth Byrn. He married Sarah Jane Shaver at Montgomery Co., Ohio, on 15 September 1812. Absalom died on 26 September 1857 at Wayne Co., Indiana, at age 65.


Children of Absalom Hoover and Sarah Jane Shaver
Mary J. "Polly" Hoover b. 1816
Rebecca Elizabeth Hoover b. 1816, d. 18 Apr 1873
Margaret Hoover b. 2 Jul 1817, d. 6 Mar 1876
William Hoover b. 2 Feb 1818, d. 25 Jan 1852
Sarah Hoover b. 2 Jun 1819, d. 12 Oct 1846
Catharine Hoover+ b. 5 May 1821, d. 10 Jul 1891
Frederick Hoover b. 20 Jan 1827
Malinda Hoover b. 20 Apr 1827
Isaac Hoover b. 23 Mar 1831
Amanda Ellen Hoover b. 24 Aug 1833, d. Nov 1853
Martha E. Hoover b. 1835


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