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Leonard Ray Hottel (M)
b. 21 January 1921, d. 28 November 1978
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     BURIED: Kraft Graceland Cemetery. Leonard was born at New Albany, Floyd Co., Indiana, on 21 January 1921. He was the son of Earl Frederick Hottel and Corda Payton. Leonard died on 28 November 1978 at New Albany, Floyd Co., Indiana, at age 57. His body was interred on 1 December 1978 at New Albany, Floyd Co., Indiana.

Lydia Virginia Jennie Hottel (F)
b. December 1853, d. 20 March 1919
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     Lydia Virginia Jennie Hottel was born in December 1853 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of (?) Hottel and Barbara Annie Hollar. Lydia Virginia Jennie Hottel married George F. Coffelt, son of John Coffelt and Christina Coffman, on 14 December 1873 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia. Lydia Virginia Jennie Hottel died on 20 March 1919 at Lantz Mill, Virginia, at age 65.

Children of Lydia Virginia Jennie Hottel and George F. Coffelt
Rosanna May Coffelt+ b. 25 Nov 1874, d. 5 Sep 1928
David Oscar Coffelt+ b. 3 Oct 1878, d. 20 Sep 1961
Daisy Virginia Coffelt+ b. 3 Jul 1883, d. 4 Jan 1947
Noah Camerson Coffelt b. 30 Oct 1883, d. 2 Apr 1956
Chauncey Monroe Coffelt+ b. 23 Oct 1887, d. Oct 1963
Blanche Zella Coffelt+ b. 4 Aug 1893, d. 21 Jul 1981
Mary Magdaline Coffelt b. 12 May 1895, d. 16 Jul 1936
Angie Rebecca Coffelt+ b. 23 May 1897, d. 30 May 1985

Marie Elizabeth Hottel (F)
b. circa 1873, d. 31 May 1938
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     Marie Elizabeth Hottel was born circa 1873. She was the daughter of Jacob A. Hottel and Sarah C. (?). Marie Elizabeth Hottel married Israel Homer Romick, son of Jacob I. Romick and Mary Jane Coffelt, on 24 April 1905 at Staunton, Augusta Co., Virginia. Marie Elizabeth Hottel died on 31 May 1938.

Children of Marie Elizabeth Hottel and Israel Homer Romick
Mary Jordan Romick b. 19 Jul 1907, d. 30 Apr 1986
Sarah Romick+ b. 24 Jul 1911, d. 1 May 1983

Martha Hottel (F)

     She married Jacob S. Horner Dr. in 1877.


Child of Martha Hottel and Jacob S. Horner Dr.
(?) Horner

Rhoda Hottel (F)

     Rhoda Hottel married Samuel Tucker Dellinger, son of James Franklin Dellinger and Elizabeth Wetzel.


Virginia Cathryn Hottel (F)
b. 26 February 1875, d. 31 July 1970
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     Virginia Cathryn Hottel was born on 26 February 1875. She was the daughter of William Hottel and Barbara (?). Virginia Cathryn Hottel married Gilbert Jerome Dellinger, son of Noah Dellinger and Elizabeth A. Wilkin, on 25 December 1901 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia. Virginia Cathryn Hottel died on 31 July 1970 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia, at age 95. She was buried in August 1970 at Dellinger Family Cemetery, Conicville, Shenandoah Co., Virginia.


William Hottel (M)

     William Hottel married Barbara (?).


Child of William Hottel and Barbara (?)
Virginia Cathryn Hottel b. 26 Feb 1875, d. 31 Jul 1970

A. Eliza Phifer Houck (F)
b. 6 May 1871, d. 21 November 1934
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     A. Eliza Phifer Houck was born on 6 May 1871. She was the daughter of John Marion Houck and Margaret Caroline Puett. A. Eliza Phifer Houck married Jacob Newton Harshaw on 21 February 1895 at Caldwell Co., North Carolina. A. Eliza Phifer Houck died on 21 November 1934 at age 63.

Child of A. Eliza Phifer Houck and Jacob Newton Harshaw
Johnsie Virginia Harshaw+ b. 27 Sep 1896, d. 1 Dec 1983

Alfred Edward Houck (M)
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     Alfred Edward Houck was the son of Walter Edward Houck and Josepha Carillo.


Alice E. Houck (F)
b. 7 January 1875, d. 31 August 1906
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     Alice E. Houck Alice is buried at Mary's Grove, in a fenced-off pine tree enclosedcemetery adjacent to a pasture. (1992) Her parents lived in a houselocated at the present-day site of a Winn-Dixie Store just off Highway18. The Miller farm is just beyond. She was born on 7 January 1875. She was the daughter of Henry Lafayette 'Fate' Houck. Alice E. Houck died on 31 August 1906 at age 31.

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