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Oscar Howe (M)
b. 11 March 1808, d. 19 May 1808
Pop-up Pedigree

     Oscar was born on 11 March 1808. He was the son of Bezaleel Howe Major and Catherine Moffat. Oscar died on 19 May 1808 at age 0.

Susan Elanora Howe (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Susan Elanora Howe was the daughter of John Moffat Howe Rev. and Mary Mason.

(?) Howell (M)

     He married Martha Gage circa 1911.

Amelia Howell (F)

     Amelia Howell married Austin Shigley, son of Ephraim Carl Shigley and Amanda Margaret Shutt.

Benjamin Howell (M)

     He married Jane Moffatt in 1802.


Children of Benjamin Howell and Jane Moffatt
Isaac Moffat Howell
Orrin Day Howell
William Moffat Howell
Eunice Howell
Samuel Howell

Duke Howell (M)
b. circa 1799

     Duke was born circa 1799. He married Mary "Polly" Lonas on 16 October 1828.

Child of Duke Howell and Mary "Polly" Lonas
Nancy Howell b. c 1829

Edith Howell (F)

     She married James Edgar Bowman in 1890.


Child of Edith Howell and James Edgar Bowman
Edgar Bowman

Elizabeth Howell1,2,3,4 (F)
b. circa 1830, d. 20 October 1917

     Elizabeth was born at Tennessee circa 1830. She married Jacob D. Dellinger. Elizabeth died on 20 October 1917.


Children of Elizabeth Howell and Jacob D. Dellinger
Thomas Eli Dellinger+ b. 7 Sep 1851, d. 20 Dec 1903
Hulda Jane Dellinger+ b. 4 Dec 1853
Hester E. Dellinger+ b. 16 Apr 1855, d. 20 Jun 1938
Mary Ann Dellinger+ b. 1858, d. 1949
Louisa Dellinger+ b. 5 Oct 1859, d. 8 Nov 1936
Leroy Dellinger+ b. 7 Nov 1863, d. 14 Dec 1908
Edna Regina Dellinger+ b. 15 Apr 1867, d. 8 Jun 1919
William Franklin Dellinger b. 1 May 1873, d. 14 Jun 1958


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Ethel Howell (F)

     She married James Walter Brice in 1929.


Eunice Howell (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Eunice Howell was the daughter of Benjamin Howell and Jane Moffatt.


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