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Martha Hugh (F)

     Martha Hugh married Jonathan Taylor on 25 May 1702 at Chester Monthly Meeting, Chester, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania.


Child of Martha Hugh and Jonathan Taylor
Hannah Taylor+ b. 12 Sep 1703, d. Oct 1791

Owen Hugh (M)

     He married Hannah Wynne at Chester Co., Pennsylvania, circa 1765.


Caroline Hughes (F)
b. 5 February 1852

     Caroline was born at Adams Co., Illinois, on 5 February 1852. She married John Harbison on 17 February 1870.


Children of Caroline Hughes and John Harbison
Clarence Ellsworth Harbison b. 29 Apr 1872
John Oscar Harbison b. 20 Nov 1877

Catherine Hughes (F)
d. 31 January 1778

     Catherine Hughes married Joseph Boone Sr., son of George Boone III and Mary Maugridge. Catherine Hughes died on 31 January 1778.


Child of Catherine Hughes and Joseph Boone Sr.
Joseph Boone Jr.+ b. 30 Apr 1730

Claud Hughes1 (M)

     He married Lillian Stroup.


Child of Claud Hughes and Lillian Stroup
Mildred Hughes+


  1. [S139] Stroup - Alston, Pauline Ann Hoyle.

Daniel Hughes (M)

     He married Martha Lewis at Pennsylvania on 9 June 1696.


Edward Hughes (M)

     Edward Hughes married Hannah Zane, daughter of Nathanial Zane and Grace Jane Rakestraw, on 30 October 1720 at Christ Church, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.


Elizabeth Hughes (F)
b. 1867, d. 1946

     Elizabeth was born at Indiana in 1867. She married Noah Allen Shigley at White Co., Indiana, in 1889. Elizabeth was listed as Noah Allen Shigley's wife on the 1900 Census at Prairie Twp., White Co., Indiana. Elizabeth died in 1946. Her body was interred in 1946 at Chalmers, White Co., Indiana, at Chalmers K. of P. Cemetery.


Children of Elizabeth Hughes and Noah Allen Shigley
Guy E. Shigley
Josephine M. Shigley b. May 1893
Susie J. Shigley b. May 1896
Jeanette M. Shigley b. 1905, d. 1970
Geneva M. Shigley b. 1905, d. 1980

Estelle Elizabeth Hughes (F)
b. 26 March 1913, d. 1 June 1982

     Estelle Elizabeth Hughes was born on 26 March 1913 at Newland, North Carolina. She married Clarence Wallace Taylor, son of Lindsey Lee Taylor and Mittie Eudora Franklin. Estelle Elizabeth Hughes died on 1 June 1982 at Johnson City, Washington Co., Tennessee, at age 69. She was buried in June 1982 at Hughes Cemetery, Newland, North Carolina.


Faye Hughes (F)

     She married William Moffatt in 1933.


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