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Charlotte Wintringham Allen (F)

     She married Morton Powell Woodward on 1 September 1923.


Chester Bayne Allen (M)
b. 30 September 1917, d. 28 July 1992
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     BURIED: Highland Friends Cemetery. Chester was born at Normal, McLean Co., Illinois, on 30 September 1917. He was the son of Chester Boyd Allen and Miriam Baynes. Chester died on 28 July 1992 at Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin, at age 74. His body was interred on 1 August 1992 at Washington Twp., Washington Co., Indiana.

Chester Boyd Allen (M)
b. 6 December 1894, d. 14 December 1989
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     Chester was born at Salem, Washington Co., Indiana, on 6 December 1894. He was the son of Ellis Elton Allen and Ora Estelle Witter. He married Miriam Baynes at Salem, Washington Co., Indiana, on 15 October 1915. Chester died on 14 December 1989 at Raymondville, Willacy Co., Texas, at age 95. His body was interred on 18 December 1989 at Westchester, Cook Co., Illinois.

Children of Chester Boyd Allen and Miriam Baynes
Chester Bayne Allen+ b. 30 Sep 1917, d. 28 Jul 1992
Aileen Allen+ b. 24 Feb 1919, d. 12 Oct 1981

Clarence Young Allen (M)
d. 1972
Pop-up Pedigree

     Clarence Young Allen was the son of William R. Allen and Elizabeth Stephens. He married Elsie Mae Jones. Clarence Young Allen died in 1972.


David Skilman Allen II (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     David Skilman Allen II was the son of E. W. Allen and Mary Helen "Minnie" Moffett.


Donavan Allen (M)

     He married Esther Louise Bradbury.


Dorcas Allen (F)

     She married George McCain.


Child of Dorcas Allen and George McCain
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Densmore McCain+ b. 6 Mar 1843, d. 19 Jan 1901

E. W. Allen (M)

     He married Mary Helen "Minnie" Moffett on 1 September 1887.


Children of E. W. Allen and Mary Helen "Minnie" Moffett
Lenora Antoinette Allen
David Skilman Allen II
Marie Amanda Allen+ b. 23 Jul 1892
Moffett Barrows Allen+ b. 31 Jul 1896

Elida Allen1 (F)
b. 1893, d. 1922
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married (?) Ball. Elida was born in 1893. She was the daughter of R. Newt Allen and Della M. Wylie. Elida died in 1922. Her body was interred in 1922 at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana, at Rose Hill Cemetery.2


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  2. [S3] Rose Hill Cemetery.

Elizabeth Jane Allen (F)
b. 4 May 1824, d. 29 April 1899

     Elizabeth Jane Allen was born on 4 May 1824 at Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee. She married Josiah Jackson Earp at Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee, on 22 January 1845. Elizabeth Jane Allen died on 29 April 1899 at Monmouth Co., Illiniois, at age 74.


Children of Elizabeth Jane Allen and Josiah Jackson Earp
Louisa Ann Earp b. 24 Nov 1845, d. 15 Feb 1885
Nicolas R. Earp b. 22 Jun 1847, d. 31 Jul 1847
Jonathan D. Earp b. 31 Jul 1848, d. 23 Dec 1864
Josephine Earp b. 28 May 1850, d. 26 Jan 1911
Appeline Earp b. 28 May 1850
Alfred Levi Earp b. 12 Apr 1852, d. 24 Dec 1942
Sarah Elizabeth Earp b. 1 Oct 1854, d. 13 May 1926
Walter C. Earp b. 20 May 1857, d. 17 Oct 1917
Mary Matilda Earp b. 25 Dec 1859
George Ellsworth Earp b. 15 Apr 1862, d. 7 Mar 1930
Charles Henesman Earp b. 7 Mar 1866

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