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Margaret Jane Jackson (F)
b. 15 February 1839, d. 14 February 1916
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     Margaret Jane Jackson was born on 15 February 1839 at Monroe Co., Indiana. She was the daughter of John Jackson and Sarah "Sally" Ann Yoder. Margaret Jane Jackson married Joseph Lee Polley on 11 August 1853 at Monroe Co., Indiana. Margaret Jane Jackson died on 14 February 1916 at Harrison Co., Missouri, at age 76. She was buried in February 1916 at Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Harrison Co., Missouri.


Children of Margaret Jane Jackson and Joseph Lee Polley
Louisana "Lucy" Polley
Catherine Polley+ b. 1858, d. c 1942
John Polley+ b. 5 Oct 1853, d. 27 Aug 1933
Daniel W. Polley+ b. Mar 1855, d. 1934
Sarah Polley b. c 1860, d. b 1880
Winfield Scott Polley b. 14 Feb 1862, d. 13 Nov 1918
Henry Clay Polley b. Sep 1865, d. c 1915
Joseph White Polley+ b. 6 Feb 1867, d. 1942
Mary L. Polley+ b. c 1869, d. c 1942
Louthena Polley b. 16 Aug 1875, d. 29 Feb 1884
Nancy Belle Polley b. 1876, d. c 1953
Albert Riley Polley b. 19 Jan 1879, d. 12 Feb 1960

Margaret Naomi Jackson (F)
b. 6 April 1911, d. 7 March 1987
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     Margaret Naomi Jackson was born on 6 April 1911. She was the daughter of David Franklin Jackson and Celia Ann Dellinger. Margaret Naomi Jackson married Marion Roscoe Borders. Margaret Naomi Jackson died on 7 March 1987 at age 75.


Margaret R. Jackson (F)
b. 1860

     Margaret was born at South Carolina in 1860. She married Richard Burret Wright at Tipton Co., Tennessee, on 5 August 1875. Margaret was listed as Richard Burret Wright's wife on the 1880 Census at Tipton Co., Tennessee.


Child of Margaret R. Jackson and Richard Burret Wright
Sloan Wright b. Dec 1879, d. b 1884

Mariah Jackson (F)
b. 29 March 1810, d. 15 November 1814
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     Mariah Jackson was born on 29 March 1810. She was the daughter of Henry Jackson and Mary Elizabeth Hyre. Mariah Jackson died on 15 November 1814 at age 4.


Marion Orlando Jackson (M)
b. 14 July 1841, d. 14 January 1892
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     Marion Orlando Jackson was born on 14 July 1841 at Virginia; Born in what is now Upshur Co., West Virginia. He was the son of Henry Jackson and Elizabeth "Betsy" Shreve. Marion Orlando Jackson married Columbia Dean. Marion Orlando Jackson died on 14 January 1892 at age 50.


Martha Jackson (F)
b. 18 May 1923
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     Martha was born on 18 May 1923. She was the daughter of James Furman Jackson and Mattie Simpson Millen.

Martha Elizabeth Jackson (F)
b. 22 July 1861
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     Martha Elizabeth Jackson was born on 22 July 1861. She was the daughter of Andrew M. Jackson and Mary Deem.


Martha Ellen Jackson1 (F)
b. circa 1824, d. 27 October 1844
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     Martha Ellen Jackson was born circa 1824. She was the daughter of S.R. Jackson. Martha Ellen Jackson died on 27 October 1844 at Cherokee Co., Georgia. She married Benjamin Franklin Strain, son of James Strain and Martha Catherine "Caty" Stroup, on 27 October 1844 at Canton, Cherokee Co., Georgia.

Children of Martha Ellen Jackson and Benjamin Franklin Strain
James H. Strain b. 18451
John C. Kosouth Strain b. 3 Oct 1850, d. 10 Jan 18991
Amogene F. Strain b. 1853
Almon Gage Strain b. 10 Mar 1855, d. Mar 19311
Louise Ellen Strain b. 18572
K. Annie Strain b. 1870, d. 19511


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Mary Jackson (F)
d. 1684
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     Mary was born at England. She was the daughter of George Jackson and Ann (?). She married John Till at England on 5 April 1675. Mary died in 1684 at England. Her body was interred on 6 October 1684 at Stafford, Staffordshire, England.


Children of Mary Jackson and John Till
Samuel Till b. 7 Mar 1676, d. 1677
William Till b. 13 Dec 1677, d. 23 Jun 1711
Mary Till b. 18 Apr 1678, d. 1679
Rosamond Till b. 18 Apr 1678
Mary Till b. 7 Apr 1680
Ann Till+ b. 13 Jul 1681
Samuel Till b. Aug 1683, d. 1697
Sarah Till b. 1684

Mary Jackson (F)
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     Mary Jackson was the daughter of John George Jackson and Mary Coles Payne.


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