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Emma Jennings (F)
b. 17 December 1894, d. 5 March 1937

     Emma was born on 17 December 1894. She married Mark Brown Grier on 22 February 1923. Emma died on 5 March 1937 at age 42.

Helen Jennings (F)
b. circa 1907, d. circa 1974
Pop-up Pedigree

     Helen was born circa 1907. She was the daughter of Olaf Jennings and Alma Musch. Helen died circa 1974.

Henry Beasley Jennings (M)

     He married Nancy Goode Parks.

Child of Henry Beasley Jennings and Nancy Goode Parks
Andrew Richard Jennings+ b. 14 Mar 1881, d. 24 May 1960

Olaf Jennings (M)

     He married Alma Musch.


Children of Olaf Jennings and Alma Musch
Russell Jennings
Charles Jennings
Helen Jennings b. c 1907, d. c 1974

Richard King Jennings (M)
b. 27 March 1910, d. 22 February 1976
Pop-up Pedigree

     Richard was born at Roanoke, Roanoke Co., Virginia, on 27 March 1910. He was the son of Andrew Richard Jennings and Ruby Elmira Brugh. Richard died on 22 February 1976 at age 65.

Rosa Jennings1 (F)

     She married Joseph Harvey Gragg.

Children of Rosa Jennings and Joseph Harvey Gragg
Edd Gragg
Obie Gragg
Floyd Gragg
Maude Gragg
Clara Gragg
Arville Gragg


  1. [S69] Henry George Dellinger, Randy Dellinger.

Russell Jennings (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Russell Jennings was the son of Olaf Jennings and Alma Musch.


Sarah Jennings1 (F)
b. 22 March 1787, d. 6 April 1860

     Sarah Jennings was born on 22 March 1787 at Lincoln Co., North Carolina. She married Jacob David Stroup, son of Adam Stroup and Catherine Alexander, in 1820 at Georgia. Sarah Jennings died on 6 April 1860 at Bartow Co., Georgia, at age 73. She was buried in April 1860 at Goodson & Tidwell Cemetery, Bartow Co., Georgia.

Children of Sarah Jennings and Jacob David Stroup
Amanda Mary Stroup b. 11 Aug 1821, d. c 18591
Andrew Jackson Stroup+ b. 21 Jun 1824, d. 19 Mar 18841
Jacob D. Stroup+ b. 21 Nov 1828, d. 21 Apr 19111
Josephine Stroup b. 4 Apr 18301
John Stroup b. c 1833
Thomas B. Stroup b. 24 Feb 1837, d. 8 Oct 18421


  1. [S33] Hill-Daniel Genealogy Web Page,

Vina Jennings (F)

     Vina Jennings married Raymond Dellinger.


William Alonzo Jennings (M)

     He married Geneva Gerber.


Child of William Alonzo Jennings and Geneva Gerber
Carl Eugene Jennings+ b. 12 Mar 1922, d. 25 Feb 1990

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