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Estell Jenny (F)

     She married William Powell Fosdick.


Children of Estell Jenny and William Powell Fosdick
Roger L. Fosdick
Allan Fosdick

Jefferson Bradley Jensen1 (M)
b. 6 June 1904

     Jefferson Bradley Jensen was born on 6 June 1904 at Sterling, Sanpete Co., Utah. He married Esther Whitmore, daughter of Samuel Moroni Whitmore and Elizabeth Letitia Grange.



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Minnie Jensen1 (F)

     She married Hyrum Lorenzo Giles.

Child of Minnie Jensen and Hyrum Lorenzo Giles
Adrian Giles+ b. 29 Oct 1891, d. 27 Oct 1964


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Dennie Edison Jessee1 (M)
b. 9 August 1897, d. 10 June 1988

     Dennie was born at Millcreek, Russell Co., Virginia, on 9 August 1897. He married Mary Zemie Elizabeth Dellinger at Johnson City, Washington Co., Tennessee, on 11 February 1916. Dennie died on 10 June 1988 at Huntingdon, Carroll Co., Tennessee, at age 90.


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August Jessen (M)

     August Jessen married Mary Frances Gohn, daughter of George Gohn and Anna Zweifel.


Child of August Jessen and Mary Frances Gohn
Nellie M. Jessen b. Feb 1887

Nellie M. Jessen (F)
b. February 1887
Pop-up Pedigree

     Nellie M. Jessen was born in February 1887. She was the daughter of August Jessen and Mary Frances Gohn.


Elizabeth Jessup (F)

     Elizabeth Jessup married John Rhoads circa 1660.


Child of Elizabeth Jessup and John Rhoads
John Rhoads+ b. 13 Jun 1664

(?) Jester (F)

     (?) Jester married David Curry.


Child of (?) Jester and David Curry
James Curry+ b. 11 Jan 1823, d. 2 Jan 1910

(?) Jester (M)


Olive Jeter (F)

     She married Chipp Fee Dickey in 1899.


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