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Effie Mabel Johnson (F)
b. 4 September 1867
Pop-up Pedigree

     Effie was born at Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, on 4 September 1867. She was the daughter of Jacob Daniel Johnson and Mary Annie Lonberger. She married Joe Carlton Perry Williamson.


Eleanor Bourland Johnson (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Eleanor Bourland Johnson was the daughter of J. E. Johnson and Martha Ann Young.


Eliza A. Johnson (F)
b. 1833
Pop-up Pedigree

     Eliza was born at Ohio in 1833. She was the daughter of William Johnson and Susan Elizabeth Round.

Elizabeth Johnson (F)

     She married John Hallowell.

Child of Elizabeth Johnson and John Hallowell
Esther Hallowell+

Elizabeth Johnson1,2 (F)
b. circa 1765

     Elizabeth was born circa 1765. She married Philip Rudisill on 22 February 1788.

Children of Elizabeth Johnson and Philip Rudisill
John Rudisill
Michael Rudisill
Jacob Rudisill
Philip Rudisill
George Rudisill
Susannah Rudisill b. 1790
Anna Rudisill b. 1794
Eva Rudisill b. 5 Dec 1797, d. 26 Nov 1847


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  2. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Elizabeth Frances Johnson (F)
b. 4 December 1817
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elizabeth was born at Steubenville, Jefferson Co., Ohio, on 4 December 1817. She was the daughter of Derrick Johnson and Nancy Powell. She married John Moore on 14 April 1836.


Children of Elizabeth Frances Johnson and John Moore
Richard Johnson Moore b. 10 Aug 1837, d. 1862
Martha Moore b. 1 Jun 1840, d. 1851
Virginia Moore+ b. 16 Apr 1842, d. 1910
John Howard Moore+ b. 30 Sep 1845, d. 1896
Wishart Moore b. 25 Sep 1849, d. 1885
Harriet Moore b. 9 Apr 1852, d. 1868

Elizabeth Hartley Johnson (F)
b. circa 1807, d. 16 November 1888

     Elizabeth Hartley Johnson was born circa 1807 at Pennsylvania. She married Reuben Bail, son of John Baile and Margaret "Hannah" Murray. Elizabeth Hartley Johnson died on 16 November 1888 at Carthage Twp., Athens Co., Ohio. She was buried in November 1888 at Cooley/Glazier Cemetery, Athens Co., Ohio.


Children of Elizabeth Hartley Johnson and Reuben Bail
Charlotte Bails
John Bails b. 1830
Susannah Bails b. 1832
Matilda Bails b. 1833
Lucinda Bails b. 10 Sep 1836, d. 16 Apr 1895
Abram Bails+ b. c 1837
Mary Bails b. c 1839
Polly Bails b. Jun 1844, d. 17 Nov 1911
Isaac C. Bails+ b. 5 Sep 1844, d. 27 Nov 1922
Jacob Bails b. 1849, d. 8 Dec 1876

Ellis O. Johnson (M)

     He married Anna Louise Shigley.


Eloise Johnson1 (F)

     She married Jerry Willis.


Children of Eloise Johnson and Jerry Willis
Mike Willis
(?) Willis
(?) Willis


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Elwood Beach Johnson (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elwood Beach Johnson was the son of Enos Johnson and Mary Ann Wood.


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