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Joseph C. Johnson (M)
b. 25 December 1837

     Joseph C. Johnson was born on 25 December 1837 at Ohio. He married Celia A. Prugh.


Julia A. Johnson (F)
b. circa 1860, d. 29 September 1869
Pop-up Pedigree

     Julia A. Johnson was born circa 1860. She was the daughter of Matthew Johnson and Lucinda "Lucy" Shirk. Julia A. Johnson died on 29 September 1869. She was buried in 1869 at New Mill Creek Cemetery, Union Co., Ohio.


Knute G. Johnson (M)
b. 1886, d. 1962

     Knute was born in 1886. He married Anna Koehler. Knute died in 1962.


Child of Knute G. Johnson and Anna Koehler
Dorothy Anisse Johnson+ b. 17 Jan 1912, d. 5 Jun 1960

Lenora Mary Johnson (F)
b. 3 November 1889, d. 22 March 1920
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lenora was born at Florence, Lauderdale Co., Alabama, on 3 November 1889. She was the daughter of Jacob Daniel Johnson and Mary Annie Lonberger. She married Arch Hugh Bates. Lenora died on 22 March 1920 at Muscle Shoals, Colbert Co., Alabama, at age 30. Her body was interred in March 1920 at Ethridge, Lawrence Co., Tennessee, at Old Cemetery.


Children of Lenora Mary Johnson and Arch Hugh Bates
Dorthy Mable Bates+ b. 19 Jan 1912, d. 25 Jan 2007
Jacob Daniel Bates b. 20 Aug 1915, d. 1979
Gladys Lenora Bates b. 27 Nov 1919, d. 1990

Levi Johnson (M)

     Levi Johnson married Leah Ann Pickens, daughter of George T. Pickens and Elizabeth Reger, on 16 September 1858 at Barbour Co., Virginia. Levi Johnson lived at Elks Creek, Barbour Co., Virginia. He was migration at Hancock Co., Illinois; Levi moved to Hancock Co., Illinois, near Carthage.


Levi Stephen Johnson (M)

     He married Sarah Jane Pickup.

Child of Levi Stephen Johnson and Sarah Jane Pickup
Ethel Zelia Johnson+ b. 30 Apr 1884, d. 15 Jan 1954

Lila Belle Johnson1 (F)
b. 25 May 1929, d. 25 June 1991

     Lila was born on 25 May 1929. She married Marvin Junior Dellinger on 18 December 1953. Lila Belle Johnson died on 25 June 1991 at age 62.



  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Lillie Johnson (F)
b. 4 January 1868
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lillie was born on 4 January 1868. She was the daughter of Bezaleel Wells Johnson and Rhonda Carr.

Lily Johnson (F)
b. 15 September 1876, d. 8 April 1949

     Lily Johnson was born on 15 September 1876 at Ramsey, Fulton Co., Illinois. She married Guy Samuel Dilliner, son of Thomas B. Dilliner and Sarah Caroline Batty, in 1902. Lily Johnson died on 8 April 1949 at Miami, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma, at age 72.


Children of Lily Johnson and Guy Samuel Dilliner
James Thomas Dilliner b. 5 Sep 1905, d. Dec 1984
Lloyd Franklin Dilliner b. 19 Sep 1906, d. 1906
Carrie Dilliner+ b. 27 Sep 1907, d. 11 Jul 1981
Gladys Dilliner b. 29 Sep 1909, d. 1991
John Robert Dilliner b. 22 Feb 1911, d. May 1975
Riley Dilliner b. 5 Aug 1913, d. Oct 1980
Bessie Mae Dilliner b. 20 Sep 1916
Raymond Everett Dilliner b. 7 Sep 1918, d. 1918

Lucy Johnson (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lucy Johnson was the daughter of E. W. G. Johnson and Margaret Ella Stipp. She married Paul Kennedy.


Child of Lucy Johnson and Paul Kennedy
(?) Kennedy

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