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Walter Johnson (M)
b. 1 November 1873

     Walter was born on 1 November 1873. He married Nellie Haslam on 17 June 1903.

Walter H. Johnson (M)
b. circa 1886

     Walter H. Johnson was born circa 1886 at Graham Co., Kansas. He married Allie A. Fox, daughter of John Fox and Laura Hardman, on 3 November 1907.


Walter Love Johnson (M)
b. 28 April 1869
Pop-up Pedigree

     Walter was born on 28 April 1869. He was the son of Rezin Beall Johnson and Ann Dance. He married Vesta Funk on 6 November 1895.


Children of Walter Love Johnson and Vesta Funk
Anna Johnson
Morgan Johnson

Wesley Johnson (M)

     Wesley Johnson married Katherine Franklin, daughter of Levi Chandler Franklin and Barbara Taylor.


William Johnson (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Johnson was the son of Bezaleel Wells Johnson and Rhonda Carr.


William Johnson (M)
b. 1809

     William died at Indiana. He married Susan Elizabeth Round. William was born at Ohio in 1809.

Children of William Johnson and Susan Elizabeth Round
Eliza A. Johnson b. 1833
Norman Johnson b. 1835
Hannah Johnson b. 1837
Thomas Johnson b. 1838
Margaret Johnson b. 1841
Jane Johnson b. 1843
Sarah Johnson b. 1845
Jacob Daniel Johnson+ b. 26 Sep 1847, d. 25 Dec 1930
Susannah Johnson b. Jan 1850

William Johnson (M)

     William Johnson married Elizabeth Wittenburg, daughter of John Henry Wittenburg and Mary Hoyle, circa 1793.


William Johnson Sr. (M)
b. 12 November 1868, d. 2 February 1892
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Johnson Sr. was born on 12 November 1868. He was the son of Matthew Johnson and Lucinda "Lucy" Shirk. William Johnson Sr. died on 2 February 1892 at age 23.


Willie Johnson (M)

     He married an unknown person .


Child of Willie Johnson
Rachel Johnson+

Winifred Johnson (F)
b. 2 August 1872
Pop-up Pedigree

     Winifred was born on 2 August 1872. She was the daughter of Rezin Beall Johnson and Ann Dance. She married Joseph Shepler Rev. on 30 May 1900.

Children of Winifred Johnson and Joseph Shepler Rev.
John Rex Shepler b. 11 Jul 1901
Dwight Clark Shepler b. 11 Aug 1905

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