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Virginia Kellman (F)
b. 28 May 1909

     Virginia was born on 28 May 1909. She married Keith Harold Mitchell.


Gertrude Blanch Kellog1,2 (F)
b. 2 February 1908

     Gertrude was born on 2 February 1908. She married Kenneth Hersey Dellinger.



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(?) Kellum (M)

     (?) Kellum married Myrtle B. Nance, daughter of Walter William Nance and Hattie Irene Cline.


Lee Kellums (M)

     He married Cassie Jane Hartley.


(?) Kelly (F)

     She married Silas Billings Grove.


(?) Kelly (M)
d. before 1910

     (?) Kelly married Barbara M. Dellinger, daughter of William Edward Dellinger Sr. and Mary Jane Sparrow. (?) Kelly died before 1910; He is not listed with his wife, Barbara in the 1910 Darke Co., Ohio census.


A. J. Kelly (M)

     He married Ann Regina Hupp.


Child of A. J. Kelly and Ann Regina Hupp
Millie Kelly

Alex A. Kelly1,2 (M)

     He married Etta Dellinger.


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Alfred Kelly1 (M)

     Alfred Kelly married Geraldine Reed, daughter of Wilson Reed and Mary Ann Carter.


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Andrew Jackson Kelly1 (M)

     He resided at Luna, Gaston Co., North Carolina,. He married Ann Rebecca Mendenhall on 18 April 1840.


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