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My Family Tree - Person Page 3213

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 3213

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James Brady Kepler (M)
b. 1796, d. 1861

     James Brady Kepler was born in 1796 at Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He married Lydia Spangler, daughter of Daniel Spangler and Anna Maria (?), in October 1821 at Fairfield Co., Ohio. James Brady Kepler died in 1861.


Elizabeth Ker (F)
b. 19 March 1738, d. 6 May 1765
Pop-up Pedigree

     Elizabeth Ker was born on 19 March 1738. She was the daughter of William Ker and Catherine (?). Elizabeth Ker married John Gaston, son of Joseph Gaston and Margaret (?), on 27 June 1758. Elizabeth Ker died on 6 May 1765 at age 27.


Children of Elizabeth Ker and John Gaston
Catherine Gaston b. 12 May 1759, d. 14 Apr 1762
William Gaston+ b. 13 Jan 1761, d. 13 Feb 1809
Joseph Gaston b. 29 Mar 1763, d. 16 Oct 1796

William Ker (M)

     William Ker was born at Scotland. He married Catherine (?).


Child of William Ker and Catherine (?)
Elizabeth Ker+ b. 19 Mar 1738, d. 6 May 1765

(?) Kerlin1 (M)

     He married Barbara Hudson.


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Anna Catharina Kern1 (F)
d. 1 November 1710

     She married Hans Rudisile on 6 March 1688. Anna died on 1 November 1710.



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Betty Jane Kern (F)

     Betty Jane Kern married Edgar H. Dellinger.


Child of Betty Jane Kern and Edgar H. Dellinger
John Edgar Dellinger b. 4 Aug 1946, d. 9 Nov 2003

John R. Kern (M)

     He married Susan Mahala Adamson on 30 December 1842.

L. Kern (F)

     She married G. Williams.

Child of L. Kern and G. Williams
Celia Williams b. 10 Mar 1833, d. 3 Nov 1923

Mary E. Kern (F)

     She married Lowery Adamson at Lawrence Co., Indiana.

Samantha Kern (F)

     Samantha Kern married Howard Shackley.


Child of Samantha Kern and Howard Shackley
Nettie Shackley b. 3 Apr 1871, d. 28 Jul 1929

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