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Susan Kern (F)

     Susan Kern married Jacob Bard, son of George Phillip Bard and Anna Margaretha Kitzmiller, on 28 September 1806 at German Reformed Church, Middletown, Frederick Co., Maryland.


Veronica Kern1,2 (F)
b. 1690

     Veronica was born in 1690. She married Hans Peter Tritt at Diedendorf Parish, Basrhin, Elsass, France, on 6 January 1711.


Children of Veronica Kern and Hans Peter Tritt
Otto Tritt b. 21 Oct 1711, d. 10 Nov 1720
Ursula Maria Tritt b. 8 Nov 1713
Hans Peter Dritt+ b. 13 Aug 1715, d. Mar 1768
Christian Tritt b. 1719


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Elizabeth Kerr1 (F)
b. 1806, d. 15 October 1846

     Elizabeth was born at North Carolina in 1806. She married William James Strong at South Carolina circa 1828. Elizabeth died on 15 October 1846 at Tipton Co., Tennessee. Her body was interred in October 1846 at Salem, Tipton Co., Tennessee, at Salem Cemetery.


Children of Elizabeth Kerr and William James Strong
William Alexander Strong b. 8 Mar 1828, d. 20 Aug 1829
James Love Strong b. Oct 1830, d. 16 Aug 1833
Louisa Elmira Strong+ b. 27 Dec 1832, d. 15 Jul 1884
Charles Strong+ b. 1836
Jane E. Strong+ b. 16 Oct 1839, d. 12 Nov 1881
Margaret Strong b. Nov 1841, d. 5 Jan 1842
Martha L. Strong+ b. 12 Dec 1843, d. 13 May 1887
Frances Evalina Strong+ b. 25 Apr 1844, d. 5 Mar 1878


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Gilbreath Lawson Kerr Rev. (M)

     Gilbreath was born at Newberry Co., South Carolina. He married Eleanor Martin.


James Kerr (M)
b. circa 1795

     He married Susan Stoner. James was born circa 1795.

John Kerr (M)
d. 1788

     John Kerr married Agnes (?). John Kerr died in 1788 at York Co., Pennsylvania.

Child of John Kerr and Agnes (?)
Margaret Kerr+

Margaret Kerr (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret Kerr was the daughter of John Kerr and Agnes (?). She married Rev. Archibald Whyte on 27 May 1790.


Child of Margaret Kerr and Rev. Archibald Whyte
Rev. Archibald White+ b. 3 Aug 1800, d. 8 Aug 1865

Mary Kerr (F)
b. circa 1839

     CENSUS: Listed with her husband in the 1860 Indiana census, age 21. Mary was born at Indiana circa 1839. She married William Renwick Curry at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 21 September 1858. Mary was listed as a household member living with an unknown person in the 1860 Census at Bloomington Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana.

Child of Mary Kerr and William Renwick Curry
David A. S. Curry b. c 1855

Nancy Kerr (F)
b. circa 1843

     Nancy was born at Indiana circa 1843. She married Thomas N. Curry at Monroe Co., Indiana, on 30 September 1860.


Child of Nancy Kerr and Thomas N. Curry
William A. Curry b. 31 May 1861, d. Jul 1862

Nancy Kerr (F)

     She married David Aiken at Fairfield Co., South Carolina.


Child of Nancy Kerr and David Aiken
D. Wyatt Aiken+ b. 1828, d. 1887

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