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John William Kirk (M)


Philip Kirk (M)

     He married Esther Worrall at Christ Church, Philadephia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, on 24 May 1775.


Children of Philip Kirk and Esther Worrall
John Kirk
Benjamin Kirk b. 20 Jun 1776, d. 28 Apr 1834

Rosina Kirk (F)
b. 12 September 1871

     Rosina was born at Virginia on 12 September 1871. She married Algernon Sydney Moffat at Washington, District of Columbia, on 15 October 1890. Rosina Kirk was New Tag Memorial Service
Washington, D.C. No. 3 Corps (Captain and Mrs. Knight) --- A Memorial Service has been conducted for Sister Rosina Fairall, a faithful Home League member and Soldier, who was Promoted to Glory after a short illness. Speakers were Mrs. Bertha Davis, Home League Secretary, and Envoy B. D. Hamilton, who paid tribute to the deceased Sister. The speaker for the family was Mrs. Grace Moffatt. Captain Knight conducted the service and brought a message of consolation.
At Washington, District of Columbia.


Children of Rosina Kirk and Algernon Sydney Moffat
Grace May Moffat b. 15 Jul 1891, d. 19 Apr 1905
Daniel James Moffat+ b. 24 Feb 1893, d. 20 Dec 1955
Bertha E. Moffat b. 31 Dec 1902, d. c 1912
Clarence Moffat b. Jun 1908, d. Sep 1908

Rebecca Kirkandall1 (F)

     She married Abraham Stipp.



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Mary Minnie Kirkland (F)
b. 26 April 1891, d. 9 May 1933

     Mary Minnie Kirkland was born on 26 April 1891 at Ballyloughan, Co. Armagh, Ireland. She married Harold Maurice Henry Hegyessy, son of James Hegyessy and Florence Maud Tritt, on 25 December 1917 at Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio. Mary Minnie Kirkland died on 9 May 1933 at Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio, at age 42. She was buried on 11 May 1933 at Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio.


Children of Mary Minnie Kirkland and Harold Maurice Henry Hegyessy
Harold Maurice Hegyessy+ b. 4 Nov 1918, d. 7 Jun 2003
Mary Jane Hegyessy b. 11 Jul 1924, d. 14 Jul 1924

Lewis E. Kirkman (M)

     Lewis E. Kirkman married Maud M. Abel, daughter of Israel Abel and Rebecca J. Ruth.


John J. Kirkness (M)

     He married Lydia Hummer. Lived in Baltimore, Maryland.


Alexander Kirkpatrick (M)
d. 1758

     Alexander Kirkpatrick married Elizabeth (?). Alexander Kirkpatrick immigrated in 1736; Alexander immigrated with his family from Ireland in 1736. He died in 1758.


Children of Alexander Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth (?)
Andrew Kirkpatrick+
David Kirkpatrick

Alexander Kirkpatrick (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Alexander Kirkpatrick was the son of Andrew Kirkpatrick and Margaret Gaston.


Andrew Kirkpatrick (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Andrew Kirkpatrick was the son of Alexander Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth (?). Andrew Kirkpatrick married Margaret Gaston, daughter of Joseph Gaston and Margaret (?). Andrew Kirkpatrick was migration after 1758; Andrew inherited his father's land when his father died. However shortly afterwards Andrew sold this land to his brother, David, and moved to Redstone, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Andrew Kirkpatrick and Margaret Gaston
Alexander Kirkpatrick
Jennet Kirkpatrick
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick
Margaret Kirkpatrick
Mary Kirkpatrick
Sarah Kirkpatrick
Anne Kirkpatrick
Hannah Kirkpatrick

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