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Adam Edward Klehm1 (M)

     Adam Edward Klehm married Clara Marie Roth.1



  1. [S157] As Our Tree Branches, online

Elisabeth Friederike Kleiber (F)

     Elisabeth Friederike Kleiber married Leonhard Gleich.


Child of Elisabeth Friederike Kleiber and Leonhard Gleich
Karl Gleich+ b. 12 May 1828, d. 4 Jul 1881

(?) Kleiman (F)

     (?) Kleiman married Spurgeon Archie Thomas, son of Spurgeon Paules Thomas and Pauline Regina Oller.


Curtis Kleiman (M)

     Curtis Kleiman married Emma Einsig.


Child of Curtis Kleiman and Emma Einsig
Kathryn Kleiman+ b. 1887, d. Aug 1976

Kathryn Kleiman (F)
b. 1887, d. August 1976
Pop-up Pedigree

     Kathryn Kleiman was born in 1887. She was the daughter of Curtis Kleiman and Emma Einsig. Kathryn Kleiman married Curvin Monroe Billet, son of George B. Billet and Emma E. Latchaw, on 22 July 1907. Kathryn Kleiman died in August 1976 at York, York Co., Pennsylvania. She was buried on 13 August 1976 at Mt. Rose Cemetery, Springgarden Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Kathryn Kleiman and Curvin Monroe Billet
Beatrice Louise Billet b. 21 Oct 1907
Mildred Emma Billet+ b. 6 Jan 1911, d. 27 Feb 1997
Curvin Monroe Billet Jr.+ b. 24 Nov 1924, d. 13 Feb 1985
Newton Leroy Billet+ b. 21 Sep 1926, d. 24 Jan 1996

Anna Barbara Klein (F)
b. 26 May 1695, d. 4 April 1762
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna Barbara Klein was born on 26 May 1695 at Dettingen, Donaukreis, Wurttemburg, Germany. She was the daughter of Johan Wolf Klein and Barbara Shaffer. Anna Barbara Klein married Johan Georg Barth, son of Johannes Barth, on 26 November 1715 at Sinsheim, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany. William Newman reports that Johan Georg and Anna Barbara had another daughter than what I list. This daughter's name was reported as Anna, and that she was born about 1723 in Germany. This Anna is reported to have been married to John Leonard Billmeyer on 27 Nov. 1736 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. If those dates are correct, that means that Anna was about 13 years old when she was married. Anna Barbara Klein died on 4 April 1762 at Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, at age 66.


Children of Anna Barbara Klein and Johan Georg Barth
(?) Bard
Anna Barbara Bard b. 21 Oct 1717
Anna Elizabeth Bard+ b. 13 May 1719, d. 20 Jun 1787
Zacharias Bard+ b. 1 Jan 1721
Johann Michael Bard+ b. 4 May 1722, d. 22 Jan 1775
Susanna Bard b. 13 May 1723
Hans George Bard+ b. c 1726, d. 1755
Anna Catharine Bard b. 2 Sep 1730
Anna Maria Bard b. 1 Apr 1734
George Phillip Bard+ b. 2 Jun 1736, d. 26 Jun 1793

Charles F. Klein (M)
b. 17 October 1860, d. 26 October 1951

     Charles was born on 17 October 1860. He married Kate Prugh Fauver in April 1882. Charles died on 26 October 1951 at age 91.

Child of Charles F. Klein and Kate Prugh Fauver
Jeanette Klein+ b. 5 Jul 1883, d. 3 Jul 1938

Chet Klein (M)

     Chet Klein married Veda Nicodemus, daughter of Adam F. Nicodemus and Lizzie Lambley.


Christina Klein (F)

     Christina Klein married Conrad Yoder in 1763.


Children of Christina Klein and Conrad Yoder
David Yoder+
Jacob Yoder+ b. 13 Dec 1767

Elizabeth Klein (F)
b. 27 July 1784, d. 23 June 1851

     Elizabeth was born at Frederick Co., Maryland, on 27 July 1784. She married William Baile at Frederick Co., Maryland, on 17 December 1804. Elizabeth died on 23 June 1851 at age 66. Her body was interred in June 1851 at Uniontown, Carroll Co., Maryland, at Pipe Creek Cemetery.


Children of Elizabeth Klein and William Baile
Anna Maria Baile+ b. 13 Oct 1805, d. 12 Mar 1859
Abner Baile+ b. 20 Oct 1807, d. 15 Aug 1894
Henry Baile b. 4 Jan 1809, d. 26 Oct 1891
Mary Baile b. 24 Sep 1811, d. 10 Mar 1875
Julia Baile b. 1813
William Baile b. 6 Jun 1817, d. 18 Jun 1836
Jesse Baile b. 22 Jul 1820, d. 18 Aug 1897
Jeremiah Baile b. 19 Jun 1825, d. 23 Jun 1897

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