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Robert Blaine Knox (M)
b. 8 March 1869, d. 29 September 1871
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     Robert was born at Drew Co., Arkansas, on 8 March 1869. He was the son of John Calvin Knox and Jane Josephine Nelson. Robert died on 29 September 1871 at age 2.

Judge Robert Carr Knox (M)
b. 19 April 1892, d. 1947
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     Judge Robert Carr Knox was born on 19 April 1892 at Monticello, Drew Co., Arkansas. He was the son of James Calvin Knox and Effie Carr. Judge Robert Carr Knox married Georgia Boughton. Judge Robert Carr Knox was Article from an undated newspaper:

"Robert Knox Named To High Court

Robert C. Knox of El Dorado, former chairman of the Democratic State Committee and state senator from Pulaski county, was appointed associate justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court by Governor Adkins yesterday to succeed the late Ben E. Carter of Texarkana.

Mr. Knox will serve until January 1, 1943, when an associate justice elected at the 1944 general elected will take over to complete the last six years of Judge Carter's eight-year term. Mr. Knox will be ineligible to campaign for the seat because of a state constitutional amendment barring appointees from succeeding themselves by election.

The new justice, a lawyer of 30 years experience, formerly lived in Little Rock and served in the 1923 legislature as a Pulaski county senator. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and Harvard Law School. He resigned as Democratic Committee chairman in January, 1942, aftering serving two years.

'Splendid Qualifications' City by Governor.

'Mr. Knox has made a special study of oil laws and is probably one of the best informed men in oil litigation in the state,' Governor Adkins said. 'I consider him a man of splendid judical qualifications.' "

From an article:

"New Judge Has Held Many And Varied Offices

El Dorado, April 20 - El Dorado rejoiced tonight at the appointment of Robert C. Knox to the Supreme Court bench. He hong has been considered here as having one of the keenest minds in Arkansas. He was born at Monticello, Drew county, and if the appointment had come yesterday, it would have been a shining present for his 51st birthday. He was born April 19, 1892. He was appointed Drew county judge by the then Governor Charles H. Brough in April, 1917. He was appointed assistant attorney general by the late John D. Arbuckle then attorney general in April, 1919. He was appointed general attorney for the Arkansas Corporation Commission in April, 1920.

Mr. Knox was educated in the schools of Monticello and was graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1912. After attending Harvard Law School, he began the practice of law at Monticello in 1914 with his father, the late James C. Knox. This partnership continued until the father's death in 1917.

Mr. Knox was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court in 1914. He was mayor of Monticello in 1916 at the age of 24.

As assistant attorney general, he appeared before the Supreme Court in many important cases, including the Elaine race riot suits.

Former State Senator

In 1921, he began private practice of law in Little Rock, and in 1922 was elected senator from the district comprising Pulaski and Perry counties.

In May, 1923, he came to El Dorado and formed a partnership with the late Smead Powell and Hamp Smead. Several years before 1941 he practiced law here alone. Then he went into partnership with Ed Keith of Magnolia and J.A. O'Connor, Jr. of El Dorado. The firm, maintained offices in El Dorado and Magnolia until May, 1942, when Mr. Keith went to the army and Mr. O'Connor to the navy. Since then Mr. Knox has carried on alone.

He has appeared in important litigation in state and federal courts. In the case of Phillips Petroleum Company vs. Jenkins, before the Supreme Court of the United States, he successfully defended the constitutionality of the Arkansas statute abolishing servant rule.

The new justice was elected chairman of the Democratic State Committee in 1940 and resigned in January, 1941.

He is a member of the First Methodist church. He makes his home here with his mother and sister, Miss Effie Knox."
He was buried in 1947 at Oakland Cemetery, Monticello, Drew Co., Arkansas. He died in 1947.


Robert Cornelius Knox (M)
b. 2 March 1839, d. 24 December 1929
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     Robert was born at Chester Co., South Carolina, on 2 March 1839. He was the son of James Calvin Knox and Sarah Fee. He married Elizabeth "Lizzy" Densmore McCain at Drew Co., Arkansas, on 13 October 1860. Robert Cornelius Knox began military service on 22 February 1862. He married Belle F. Pennington on 6 November 1904. Robert died on 24 December 1929 at Drew Co., Arkansas, at age 90. His body was interred on 25 December 1929 at Monticello, Drew Co., Arkansas, at Oakland Cemetery.


Children of Robert Cornelius Knox and Elizabeth "Lizzy" Densmore McCain
James Calvin Knox+ b. 29 May 1862, d. Apr 1917
Elvira Cate Knox b. 27 Dec 1864, d. 31 Jul 1865
Willie McCain Knox b. 7 Sep 1866, d. 18 Feb 1867
Harriet "Hattie" Jane Knox+ b. 8 Nov 1868, d. 13 Sep 1941
George Allen Knox b. 12 Jan 1872, d. 5 Dec 1957
Robert Fee Knox+ b. 22 Jan 1874, d. 5 Aug 1900
Lois Anna Knox b. 18 Jan 1876, d. 5 Apr 1940
Maggie Etta Knox+ b. 15 Jan 1878
(?) Knox b. 20 Feb 1880, d. 25 Feb 1880
Bertie Elizabeth Knox b. 24 Aug 1882, d. 12 Nov 1883

Robert Fee Knox (M)
b. 22 January 1874, d. 5 August 1900
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     Robert was born on 22 January 1874. He was the son of Robert Cornelius Knox and Elizabeth "Lizzy" Densmore McCain. He married Ida G. Cheairs on 24 June 1896. Robert Fee Knox died on 5 August 1900 at age 26. He was New Tag Obituary for Robert F. Knox from an unknown newspaper:

"Mr. R. Fee Knox, youngest son of Judge R.C. Knox, died at the home of his father, in this city at 3 o'clock on Sunday morning last, after a lingering illness of several months with consumption. Mr. Knox was about 26 years of age and was a most excellent and exemplary citizen. He leaves a wife and two small children, besides many relatives and warm friends who deeply mourn his demise. We extend to the bereaved family our sympathies." In August 1900.


Children of Robert Fee Knox and Ida G. Cheairs
John Cheairs Knox
(?) Knox

Samuel Knox (M)
b. 1753, d. 6 July 1843
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     Samuel was born at Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ireland, in 1753. He was the son of James Knox Sr. and Elizabeth Craig. Samuel Knox married Catherine Jones on 1 January 1780. Samuel Knox died on 6 July 1843 at Rutherford Co., Tennessee.


Children of Samuel Knox and Catherine Jones
Elizabeth "Betsy" Knox b. 1783
Catherine Knox b. 1784, d. 1853
William Knox b. 1788, d. 1872
Marcy Knox b. 1792
Zubock Knox b. 1794
Margaret Knox b. 1797
Jennet Knox b. 1799

Samuel Knox (M)
b. 31 October 1812, d. 26 March 1849
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     Samuel was born on 31 October 1812. He was the son of William "Irish Billy" Knox and Margaret Knox. Samuel died on 26 March 1849 at age 36.


Samuel Knox (M)
b. 26 July 1858, d. 25 June 1929
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     CENSUS: Listed with his parents in the 1860 and 1870 South Carolina censuses, age 5 and 15 respectively. 1880 South Carolina, Chester Co., Lewisville Twp. lists the following family: Sam Knox, age 22, farmer, born in South Carolina; Amanda Knox, age 23, wife, born in South Carolina; Franklin Knox, age 6 months, son, born in South Carolina; Elizabeth Knox, age 63, mother, born in South Carolina. BURIED: Evergreen Cemetery. His body was interred at Chester Co., South Carolina. Samuel was born at South Carolina on 26 July 1858. He was the son of William M. Knox and Susan Elizabeth Wylie. He married Amanda Wylie Gill at Chester Co., South Carolina, on 16 January 1879. Samuel died on 25 June 1929 at age 70.


Children of Samuel Knox and Amanda Wylie Gill
(?) Knox d. 5 Feb 1883
Franklin Knox b. Dec 1879
Susie Knox b. 15 Jun 1881
(?) Knox b. 1885
(?) Knox b. 1887
(?) Knox b. 1890
Lucian Benjamin Knox+ b. 22 Apr 1892, d. 17 May 1945
Margaret J. Knox b. 23 Jul 1894, d. 21 Jun 1935

Samuel Knox (M)
b. 27 November 1817, d. 28 December 1899
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     Samuel was born at Chester Co., South Carolina, on 27 November 1817. He was the son of John Knox and Elizabeth Martin. He married Sarah Jordan in 1838. Samuel died on 28 December 1899 at age 82.


Child of Samuel Knox and Sarah Jordan
John T. Knox

Samuel Knox (M)
b. 1816
Pop-up Pedigree

     Samuel Knox was born in 1816 at Tennessee. He was the son of James Knox III and Elizabeth Knox.


Samuel Jordan Knox (M)
b. 10 February 1894, d. 28 May 1944
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     He married Nannie Hollis. Samuel was born at South Carolina on 10 February 1894. He was the son of James Wylie Knox and Sarah Gill. Samuel died on 28 May 1944 at age 50.


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