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Mary Kraft (F)
b. 30 September 1823, d. 27 January 1892

     Mary Kraft was born on 30 September 1823 at Union Co., Pennsylvania. She married John Witters on 31 August 1845 at Pickaway Co., Ohio. Mary Kraft died on 27 January 1892 at Waco, Nebraska, at age 68.


Child of Mary Kraft and John Witters
Mary Elizabeth Witters+ b. 1849, d. 1878

Mary Ann Kraft1,2 (F)
b. 20 August 1845, d. 18 February 1899

     Mary was born on 20 August 1845. She married Henry Dellinger. Mary was listed as Henry Dellinger's wife on the 1880 Census at Hellam Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania. Mary died on 18 February 1899 at York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 53. She was buried in February 1899 at Canadochly Cemetery, Lower Windsor Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Mary Ann Kraft and Henry Dellinger
Abraham Lincoln Dellinger b. c 1862
Henry Milton Dellinger+ b. 6 Apr 1866, d. 24 Mar 1913
David A. Dellinger b. 6 Apr 1866, d. 2 May 1882


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Norwood Kraft (M)

     Norwood Kraft married Katheryn (?).


Child of Norwood Kraft and Katheryn (?)
Norwood Charles Kraft+ b. 20 Jun 1904, d. 13 Aug 1964

Norwood Charles Kraft (M)
b. 20 June 1904, d. 13 August 1964
Pop-up Pedigree

     Norwood Charles Kraft was born on 20 June 1904. He was the son of Norwood Kraft and Katheryn (?). Norwood Charles Kraft married Elizabeth Laura Billet, daughter of Norman Eugene Billet and Annie Lizzie Siller, on 11 April 1925 at Maple Shade, New Jersey. Norwood Charles Kraft died on 13 August 1964 at age 60.


Ruth Baessler Kraft (F)
b. 31 October 1915, d. 1 May 1991

     Ruth Baessler Kraft was born on 31 October 1915 at Abington, Pennsylvania. She married Vincent Bernard Metzel, son of Paul Herman Metzel and Dora Florence Spangler. Ruth Baessler Kraft died on 1 May 1991 at Abington, Pennsylvania, at age 75.

Catherina Krahenbuhl1,2,3,4,5 (F)
b. 1702, d. after 1769
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret Parsons states the Catherine's last name is Andrick. Catherina was born in 1702. She was the daughter of Christian Krahenbuhl and Elizabeth Liechti. She married Johann Georg Döllinger at Germany. Catherina died after 1769.


Children of Catherina Krahenbuhl and Johann Georg Döllinger
Christian Dellinger Sr.+ b. 1717, d. 1 Jul 1780
Frederick Dellinger+ b. 1722
Jacob Dellinger b. 1724
John Dellinger b. 1726, d. 27 Jun 1764
Austin Dellinger+ b. 1728, d. Feb 1832
David Dellinger+ b. 1730
Sybilla Dellinger b. 1732
Barbara Dellinger+ b. 1734
Catharine Dellinger b. 1736
Mary Dellinger b. 1738
Elizabeth Dellinger b. 1740
Magdalene Dellinger b. 1742


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Christian Krahenbuhl1,2 (M)

     Christian Krahenbuhl, a Mennonite, was expelled from Bern, Switzerland in 1710 with his family.

It is believed that the name Krahenbuhl later was shortened to Crabill and Grabill. Christian Krahenbuhl married Elizabeth Liechti.


Child of Christian Krahenbuhl and Elizabeth Liechti
Catherina Krahenbuhl+ b. 1702, d. a 1769


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William Krall (M)

     He married Mary Kann.


(?) Kramer (M)

     (?) Kramer married Wilma H. Loughmiller, daughter of Thomas C. Loughmiller and Patricia Elnora Merrit.


Anna Maria Kramer (F)
b. circa 1723

     Anna Maria Kramer was born circa 1723. She married Johann Heinrich Wolff.


Children of Anna Maria Kramer and Johann Heinrich Wolff
Anna Maria Wolff+ d. 1845
Anna Elisabetha Wolff+ b. 26 Apr 1752
Anna Catharina Wolff b. 20 Jan 1763
Heinrich Wolff+

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