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Elizabeth Kuch1 (F)

     She married John Spangler at Pennsylvania on 5 January 1806.


Children of Elizabeth Kuch and John Spangler
Zachariah Spangler+ b. 19 Sep 1806, d. 2 Sep 1885
Daniel Spangler+ b. 28 Oct 1809
Henry Spangler b. 9 Mar 1812, d. 22 Oct 1883
Susanna Spangler+


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Anna Barbara Kuetz (F)

     Anna Barbara Kuetz married Peter Schwenk.


Child of Anna Barbara Kuetz and Peter Schwenk
Johannes Martin Schwenk+ b. 22 Oct 1729, d. 1784

Henry B. Kuffman (M)

     He married Mary B. Wilkins. Lived in Bedford Co., Pennsylvania.


Anna Catharin Kuhlin1 (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anna Catharin Kuhlin was the daughter of Johann Peter Kuhlin. Anna Catharin Kuhlin married Johannes Nicodemus, son of Johann Heinrich Nicodemus and Anna Margaretha Herr, on 26 March 1720 at Medenbach, Germany.


Children of Anna Catharin Kuhlin and Johannes Nicodemus
Johann Elias Nicodemus b. 1721
Maria Catharina Nicodemus
Anna Margaretha Nicodemus b. 1726
Maria Catharina Nicodemus b. 1727
Johan Adam Nicodemus+ b. 20 Mar 1728
Valentin Erasmus Nicodemus b. 1730
Johann Friedrich Nicodemus b. 1733
Anna Gutha Nicodemus b. 1735, d. 1741
Anna Maria Elizabeth Nicodemus b. 1738


  1. [S25] Nicodemus in America, Ivan J. Nicodemus.

Johann Peter Kuhlin1 (M)


Child of Johann Peter Kuhlin
Anna Catharin Kuhlin+


  1. [S25] Nicodemus in America, Ivan J. Nicodemus.

Eva Barbara Kuhn (F)

     She married Colonel Johann Michael Schwab.


Children of Eva Barbara Kuhn and Colonel Johann Michael Schwab
Adam Simon Swoope b. 4 Feb 1764
Jacob Swoope b. c 1766, d. c 23 Apr 1832
George Swoope b. 2 Apr 1773

Maria Dorothea Kuhn1,2,3,4 (F)
b. 17 April 1750, d. 5 August 1823

     Maria was born at Gochsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, on 17 April 1750. She married Johann Michael Dellinger at Gochsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, on 27 November 1771. Maria died on 5 August 1823 at Gochsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, at age 73.

Children of Maria Dorothea Kuhn and Johann Michael Dellinger
Sabina Elisabetha Dellinger b. 30 Mar 1771, d. 31 Mar 1771
Georg Friedrich Ulrich Dellinger+ b. 1 Dec 1772, d. 5 Mar 1808
Johann Michael Dellinger+ b. 30 Mar 1775, d. 27 Dec 1821
Friedrich Carl Dellinger b. 18 Oct 1777, d. 23 Apr 1780
Catharina Regina Dellinger b. 15 Jul 1781, d. 10 Nov 1798
Heinrich Peter Dellinger b. 12 Mar 1784, d. 14 Mar 1784
Heinrich Bernhard Dellinger b. 24 Oct 1785
Juliana Regina Dellinger b. c 1787


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Albert Kuhns (M)

     Albert Kuhns married Maude McQuern, daughter of James McQuern and Susan Dellinger.


Kirk Walter Kullby1 (M)
b. 19 September 1960

     Kirk Walter Kullby was born on 19 September 1960.



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Helen Marie Kumlin (F)

     Helen Marie Kumlin married William Arthur Randell.


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