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My Family Tree - Person Page 3315

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 3315

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Catherine Kurtz (F)

     Catherine Kurtz married Anthony Weyer.


Child of Catherine Kurtz and Anthony Weyer
Margaret Priscilla Weyer+ b. 25 Jan 1798, d. 1 Oct 1877

Elizabeth Kurtz (F)

     Elizabeth Kurtz married Allen Mohler.


Child of Elizabeth Kurtz and Allen Mohler
Henry Mohler+ b. 13 Oct 1838, d. 10 Sep 1912

Wanda Kustenborter (F)

     Wanda Kustenborter was born at Chanute, Neosho Co., Kansas. She married Harold Boyd Witten, son of William Evan Witten and Wilma May Stipp.


Veronica Kuster (F)

     Veronica Kuster married Andreas Gohn, son of Johann Gohn and Anna Rosina Crantzdorf.


Children of Veronica Kuster and Andreas Gohn
Catherine Gohn b. c 1772
Sarah Gohn b. c 1774
Rosina Gohn b. c 1775
Veronica Gohn b. c 1777, d. 1799
Johannes Gohn b. 14 Feb 1778
George Gohn+ b. 15 Apr 1780, d. 7 Feb 1861
Philip Gohn b. c 1781
Andrew Gohn b. 2 Aug 1782, d. May 1804
Daniel Gohn+ b. 27 Aug 1786, d. 19 Jan 1865
Jacob Gohn b. 27 Feb 1789
Michael Gohn b. 11 Nov 1790, d. b 16 Mar 1791

Caroline M. Kutch (F)

     Caroline M. Kutch married David Wright.


Child of Caroline M. Kutch and David Wright
Alfred Perry Wright+ b. 5 Jun 1864, d. 1924

Anna Margrete Kutzmann (F)
b. 13 February 1652

     Anna Margrete Kutzmann was baptized on 13 February 1652 at Germany. She married Michael Schickle at Karlshure, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, on 1 December 1674.


Children of Anna Margrete Kutzmann and Michael Schickle
Hanss J. Schickle b. c 1678
Michael Schickle b. bt 1678 - 1688
Jeremias Schickle b. bt 1679 - 1688
Anna Margretha Schickle b. 22 Sep 1681
Elizabeth Schickle b. 2 May 1686, d. bt 1686 - 1688
Mattheuw "Mattheus" Schickle+ b. 1688, d. 20 Apr 1760

Bert Kyle (M)

     Bert Kyle married Rebecca Barley, daughter of Godlove Barley and Susan (?).


Charles Henry Kyle (M)

     He married Emma Jennet McMillan in 1886.

Frederick Kyle1 (M)

     Frederick Kyle married Catherine "Anna" Crum, daughter of Anthony Crum, on 23 July 1803 at Frederick Co., Virginia. Frederick Kyle was migration circa 1820 at Hardy Co., Virginia; Around 1820 Frederick moved to Hardy Co., Virginia.



  1. [S170] Frederick Mauck of Frederick Co., VA, online.

Hattie Kyser1 (F)

     She married William Alburtus Dellinger on 15 January 1891.

Child of Hattie Kyser and William Alburtus Dellinger
William Jewel Dellinger+ b. 1903, d. 1972


  1. [S115] Descendants of Philipp Dellinger, Paul Dellinger & Nard Cloninger.

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