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Vernal Llewelyn Lahr1,2 (M)
b. 30 April 1913, d. 25 February 1998
Pop-up Pedigree

     Vernal Llewelyn Lahr was born on 30 April 1913 at Colome, Tripp Co., South Dakota. He was the son of Harrison Benjamin Lahr and Ina Elizabeth Shields.2 Vernal Llewelyn Lahr died on 25 February 1998 at Gibson City, Ford Co., Illinois, at age 84. He was buried in February 1998 at Drummer Twp..



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Vernon Eugene Lahr1 (M)
b. 1904, d. circa 1908
Pop-up Pedigree

     Vernon Eugene Lahr was born in 1904 at Kenney, DeWitt Co., Illinois.1 He was the son of David H. Lahr and Emma Jane Aughenbaugh.1 Vernon Eugene Lahr was buried circa 1908 at Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Kenney, DeWitt Co., Illinois. He died circa 1908.1



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Bruna Lail1,2 (F)

     Bruna Lail married John Raymond Dellinger, son of John Perry Dellinger and Mary Ellen Henson.1,2



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Hazeleen Lail1 (F)
b. 16 December 1932, d. 28 March 1994

     Hazeleen was born on 16 December 1932. Hazeleen died on 28 March 1994 at age 61. Her body was interred in 1994 at Cherryville, Gaston Co., North Carolina, at Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery.


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K.L. Lain (M)

     K.L. Lain married Jessie Waldrop, daughter of George Waldrop and Loretta Angus Dellinger.


Carl Laing (M)
b. 2 January 1891
Pop-up Pedigree

     Carl Laing was born on 2 January 1891. He was the son of Joseph William Laing and Eliza Jane Stokes.


Eliza Virginia Laing (F)
b. 15 November 1873, d. 23 October 1903
Pop-up Pedigree

     Eliza Virginia Laing was born on 15 November 1873 at Warren Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas Laing and Mary Mitchell. Eliza Virginia Laing married Heston Linwood Hoffman, son of Joseph S. Hoffman and Anna Lee Robinson, on 20 December 1902 at Front Royal, Warren Co., Virginia. Eliza Virginia Laing died on 23 October 1903 at age 29; Eliza died from complications in the delivery of her twins, Lesley and James.


Children of Eliza Virginia Laing and Heston Linwood Hoffman
Lesley Hoffman b. 23 Oct 1903, d. 23 Oct 1903
James Wesley Hoffman b. 23 Oct 1903

Joseph William Laing (M)
b. circa 1866

     Joseph William Laing was born circa 1866 at Warren Co., Virginia. He married Eliza Jane Stokes, daughter of Richard R. Stokes and Sarah Catherine Hoffman, on 25 July 1886 at Warren Co., Virginia.


Child of Joseph William Laing and Eliza Jane Stokes
Carl Laing b. 2 Jan 1891

Thomas Laing (M)

     Thomas Laing married Mary Mitchell.


Child of Thomas Laing and Mary Mitchell
Eliza Virginia Laing+ b. 15 Nov 1873, d. 23 Oct 1903

Burgess Lake (M)
b. 1791, d. 4 February 1831

     Burgess Lake was born in 1791; Burgess was born in either Virginia or North Carolina. He began military service. He married Sarah "Sallie" Shuford, daughter of George Shuford and Mary Burrell, in 1818. Burgess Lake was migration at Marion Co., Missouri; Burgess and his family moved to a farm seven miles northwest of Palmyra, Missouri. At the time they settled there, there were few other white settlers living near them. He died on 4 February 1831 at Marion Co., Missouri; Burgess likely died from a cholera epidemic.

Children of Burgess Lake and Sarah "Sallie" Shuford
Mary "Polly" Lake
Elizabeth Lake
Gabriella Lake
James L. Lake
Burgess Lake d. 16 Apr 1891
Jeptha Lake b. 18 Jan 1816, d. 6 Mar 1907
George S. Lake b. 4 Dec 1821
Laban Lake b. 10 Sep 1826, d. 5 Sep 1917
Nancy Lake b. 1832

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