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Mary Archer (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Archer was the daughter of William Archer and Isabel (?). She married William Peden.


Children of Mary Archer and William Peden
Daniel Peden+
Robert W. Pedan+

William Archer (M)

     He married Isabel (?).


Child of William Archer and Isabel (?)
Mary Archer+

Amy Salome Arends (F)
b. 10 December 1832, d. 9 March 1919
Pop-up Pedigree

     Amy Salome Arends was born on 10 December 1832. She was the daughter of Jacob Arndt and Jane McConses Rutledge. Amy Salome Arends died on 9 March 1919 at age 86.


Rev. Johann Gottfried Arends1,2,3,4 (M)
b. 18 December 1740, d. 9 July 1807

     His name was Americanized to John Godfrey Arndt.

Arends was a pioneer teacher, preacher and Revolutionary War patriot who died in Lincoln Co., North Carolina in 1807, worn, weary and blind. He arrived in Charleston, South Carolina in 1773 at age 32, and settled in the southern part of Rowan Co., North Carolina, teaching for two years, then entering the ministry. For a decade he served as itinerant minister in the vast area that today includes the counties of Rowan, Cabarrus, Davie, Iredell, Catawba, Lincoln, Davidson, Guilford and Stokes.

He was educated at both Goettingen University and the Hanover Seminary in Europe. Arends was the founder of the North Carolina Synod and served as its president. He served his congregation at Organ Church in southern Rowan Co. during the American Revolution. In 1785 Pastor Arends removed to Lincoln Co. North Carolina and became founder of the Lutheran Church in the territory west of the Catawba River and was that county's first resident minister. Johann was born at Goetingen, Germany, on 18 December 1740. Johann immigrated, in 1773. Destination: an unknown place . He married Hannah Rudisill on 24 October 1776. Johann died on 9 July 1807 at Lincolnton, Lincoln Co., North Carolina, at age 66. His body was interred in July 1807 at Lincolnton, Lincoln Co., North Carolina, at Emmanuel Church Cemetery.

Children of Rev. Johann Gottfried Arends and Hannah Rudisill
Catherine Arndt+ b. 1 Jan 1778, d. 30 May 1859
John B. Arndt+ b. 12 Oct 1780
Elizabeth Arndt+ b. 26 Jan 1783, d. 7 Jul 1870
Hannah Arndt b. 1786
Susannah Arndt b. 1789
Jacob Arndt+ b. 1 Apr 1791, d. 4 Jan 1866
Frederick Arndt b. 1794
Magdalena Mary Arndt b. 1799


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Theodore Arens (M)

     He married Hildegard Thelen.


Lord of Keredigion Kloddien Arglwydd1 (M)


Child of Lord of Keredigion Kloddien Arglwydd
Gwaithyoed (?)+


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Violet Gladious Argo (F)
b. 30 July 1906

     Violet Gladious Argo was born on 30 July 1906 at Ochelata, Washington Co., Oklahoma. She married Ray Elmer Smith, son of Albert Henry Smith and Catherine Maria Scott, circa 1923 at Oklahoma. Violet Gladious Argo died at Valley Center, Sedgwick Co., Kansas.


Children of Violet Gladious Argo and Ray Elmer Smith
Lenora Maxine Smith+ b. 22 May 1924, d. 25 Jul 1995
Ray E. "Bud" Smith+ b. 17 Jan 1927
Catherine Ann Smith+ b. 5 Jun 1928

Louise E. Armack (F)
b. August 1867, d. 23 March 1943

     Louise E. Armack was born in August 1867. She married Samuel Jacob Spangler, son of Jacob Spangler and Margaret Baker, in 1894 at Adams Co., Indiana. Louise E. Armack died on 23 March 1943 at Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., Indiana, at age 75.


Children of Louise E. Armack and Samuel Jacob Spangler
Bertha A. Spangler b. 25 Jun 1896, d. May 1977
Iva M. Spangler b. 14 Feb 1898, d. 18 May 1986

(?) Armee (M)

     (?) Armee married Susanna Sturm, daughter of Johan Jacob Sturm the elder and Anna Benedictina Saur.


Cora M. Armes1 (F)
b. 1890, d. 1891
Pop-up Pedigree

     Cora was born in 1890. She was the daughter of James Henry Armes and Dora M. Miller. Cora died in 1891.


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