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William W. Landis (M)

     William W. Landis married Josephine (?).


Child of William W. Landis and Josephine (?)
Grace May Landis+ b. 18 May 1883, d. 14 Feb 1953

Thomas Landry (M)

     Thomas Landry married Ellen Connor, daughter of John Connor and Katherine Doan.


Betty Lane (F)

     She married Ed Shackelford. Betty was born at Oklahoma.


David Lane (M)

     David Lane married Anne (?).


Child of David Lane and Anne (?)
Mary Jane Lane+ b. 15 Nov 1833, d. 15 Feb 1896

Mary Lane (F)

     Mary Lane married Obehiah Thomas.


Child of Mary Lane and Obehiah Thomas
Logan Thomas+ b. 10 Dec 1901, d. Jan 1974

Mary Jane Lane (F)
b. 15 November 1833, d. 15 February 1896
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Jane Lane was born on 15 November 1833 at Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of David Lane and Anne (?). Mary Jane Lane married Reuben Baile, son of Michael Bail and Elizabeth Ecker, on 10 March 1853. Mary Jane Lane died on 15 February 1896 at Washington Co., Pennsylvania, at age 62. She was buried in February 1896 at Leatherman Cemetery, Washington Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Mary Jane Lane and Reuben Baile
Lizzie Ann Baile b. 5 Nov 1853, d. 16 Nov 1879
Mary Catherine Baile b. 1855
Daniel H. Baile b. 21 Nov 1857, d. 10 Feb 1883
Robert D. Baile b. 2 Aug 1860, d. 26 Nov 1881
Nannie J. Baile b. 23 May 1863, d. 25 Aug 1881
Samuel Wishert Baile+ b. 10 Aug 1866, d. 20 Feb 1946
Minnie F. Baile b. 28 Sep 1869, d. 23 Feb 1879

Rhoda Ellen Lane (F)
b. 1 January 1878, d. 20 September 1946
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rhoda Ellen Lane was born on 1 January 1878 at Upshur Co., West Virginia. She was the daughter of Theodore Brasher Lane and Mary Ellen Williams. Rhoda Ellen Lane married Major Lee Brake, son of Lemuel Brake and Sarah M. Krise, on 22 October 1896 at Hinkleville, Upshur Co., West Virginia. Rhoda Ellen Lane died on 20 September 1946 at Upshur Co., West Virginia, at age 68.


Child of Rhoda Ellen Lane and Major Lee Brake
Zenna Mildred Brake b. 19 Apr 1909

Sarah Lane (F)

     Sarah Lane married Isaac Keller, son of John Keller and Jerusha Barrett.


Selena Lane1 (F)

     She married Ernest Gann.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Theodore Brasher Lane (M)

     Theodore Brasher Lane married Mary Ellen Williams.


Child of Theodore Brasher Lane and Mary Ellen Williams
Rhoda Ellen Lane+ b. 1 Jan 1878, d. 20 Sep 1946

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