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Charles Langford (M)

     Charles Langford married Anna Wiggans, daughter of Joseph Phillip Wiggans and Mary Lou Ausbourne.


Edward Langford (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Edward Langford was the son of Richard Langford. He married Eleanor Dutton.


Child of Edward Langford and Eleanor Dutton
Janet Langford+

Janet Langford (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Janet Langford was the daughter of Edward Langford and Eleanor Dutton. She married Simon Thelwal.


Child of Janet Langford and Simon Thelwal
Alice Thelwal+

John Langford (M)


Child of John Langford
Richard Langford+ d. 12 Jul 1466

Richard Langford (M)
d. 12 July 1466
Pop-up Pedigree

     Richard Langford was the son of John Langford. Richard died on 12 July 1466.


Child of Richard Langford
Edward Langford+

Dorcas Langley (F)

     She married Jacob Chesnut at Rockcastle Co., Kentucky, on 23 November 1823. Once source has Jacob and Dorcas getting married in Knox Co., Kentucky.

Married by Willialm Hopper..

Children of Dorcas Langley and Jacob Chesnut
Ann Chesnut+ b. 12 Nov 1825, d. 1 Jul 1904
George W. Chesnut+ b. c 1826, d. 1855
Ruth Chesnut b. 15 Sep 1827, d. 2 Feb 1885
John C. Chesnut+ b. 26 Jul 1829, d. 26 Mar 1906
Stephen Chesnut+ b. 28 Aug 1831, d. 5 Dec 1912

Elizabeth Fleming Langshaw (F)
b. 14 March 1915

     Elizabeth was born on 14 March 1915. She married David Powell Johnson Rev..


Maudie Langston1 (F)
b. January 1874, d. October 1927

     Maudie was born at Grant Co., Arkansas, in January 1874. She married Moses Amarah Costner. Maudie died in October 1927 at Guymon, Texas Co., Oklahoma, at age 53.

Children of Maudie Langston and Moses Amarah Costner
Fredrick Lee Costner b. 28 Apr 1891, d. Feb 1959
Minnie Mildred Costner b. 1892, d. 1896
Henry Justice Costner b. 10 Dec 1895, d. Mar 1956
James Melvin Costner b. 16 Jun 1898, d. 8 Dec 1968
John Andrew Grey Costner b. 25 Oct 1900, d. 5 May 1985
Dewey Moses Costner b. 4 Jul 1902, d. Dec 1957
Walter Madison Costner+ b. 19 May 1905, d. 4 Oct 1953
Iris Inez Costner b. 2 May 1908, d. 1 Jun 1908
Mary Jewell Costner b. 30 May 1909, d. 7 Dec 1961
Franklin Costner+ b. 18 Aug 1911, d. Apr 1979
Audrey Pearl Costner b. Sep 1913
Albert Paul Costner b. 26 Aug 1915, d. 29 Nov 1988
Elbert Saul Costner b. 26 Aug 1915, d. Aug 1987


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Ada Lanius (F)

     She married William Melville McMillan in May 1882.


Columbus "Lum" Lankford1,2 (M)

     He married Lucinda Evans.

Child of Columbus "Lum" Lankford and Lucinda Evans
Mary "Molly" Emily Lankford+ b. 4 Jan 1868, d. 2 Feb 1913


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