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(?) LaRue (M)

     (?) LaRue married Catherine Johnston.


Maggie Lasenby1 (F)

     She married Edgar Huston Black.

Children of Maggie Lasenby and Edgar Huston Black
Edith Black
Lottie Black
Dorothy Black
John Black


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Lillian Jane Lashbrook (F)
d. May 1957

     Lillian Jane Lashbrook married Albert Christopher Gohn, son of William Gohn and Nancy Jane Miller. Lillian Jane Lashbrook died in May 1957.


Children of Lillian Jane Lashbrook and Albert Christopher Gohn
Patricia Marie Gohn
Richard William Gohn+
Leslie Lashbrook Gohn+
Myrtle Regina Gohn+

Francis Oliver LaShum (M)

     Francis Oliver LaShum was born at Quebec, Canada.

Lawson Lasie (M)

     He married Margaret L. Wright at Tennessee on 26 January 1870.


Gordon Laster (M)

     Gordon was born. He married Mary M Francis.


Emma E. Latchaw (F)
b. February 1862, d. 27 December 1938

     Emma E. Latchaw was born in February 1862. She married George B. Billet, son of Jacob Billet and Leah Abel, on 19 February 1882. Emma E. Latchaw died on 27 December 1938 at age 76. She was buried on 31 December 1938 at Mt. Rose Cemetery, Springgarden Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Emma E. Latchaw and George B. Billet
Norman Eugene Billet+ b. 23 Feb 1884, d. 6 Feb 1966
Mary Irene Billet b. 27 Sep 1885
Curvin Monroe Billet+ b. 24 Feb 1887, d. 25 Jul 1956
Elsie May Billet b. 11 Jan 1889
George Henry Billet+ b. 1 Feb 1891, d. 26 Jun 1981
Lillie Virginia Billet b. 7 Dec 1892
Maggie Elizabeth Billet b. 3 Nov 1894
Walter L. Billet b. 13 Dec 1896, d. 19 Jun 1964
Edith Viola Billet b. 1 Jun 1900
Harold Wesley Billet+ b. 19 Dec 1903, d. 21 Feb 1977
William Billet b. c 1909

Rosie Ellen Latchaw (F)
b. 15 July 1877, d. 8 November 1917
Pop-up Pedigree

     Rosie Ellen Latchaw was born on 15 July 1877. She was the daughter of William H. Latchaw. Rosie Ellen Latchaw married Jacob E. Billet, son of Nathaniel Billet and Mary (?), on 16 August 1895 at York, York Co., Pennsylvania. Rosie Ellen Latchaw died on 8 November 1917 at New York, New York Co., New York, at age 40. She was buried on 11 November 1917 at Greenmount Cemetery, York, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Rosie Ellen Latchaw and Jacob E. Billet
Grace Billet
Dorothy Billet
Sylvia C. Billet b. 6 Jul 1895, d. 2 Nov 1968
Jacob W.N. Billet b. 21 Oct 1899, d. 19 Aug 1971
Edward Raymond Billet+ b. 29 Mar 1907, d. 29 Jun 1966

William H. Latchaw (M)


Child of William H. Latchaw
Rosie Ellen Latchaw+ b. 15 Jul 1877, d. 8 Nov 1917

(?) Latham (M)


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