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P. Curtis Laughman (M)
b. circa 1891
Pop-up Pedigree

     P. Curtis Laughman was born circa 1891 at Pennsylvania. He was the son of W.E. Laughman and Mary Rickroth. P. Curtis Laughman married Effie Mae Dellinger, daughter of William Henry Dellinger and Flora Ellen Blessing, on 30 June 1917 at York Co., Pennsylvania; Wedding announcement for a 2 July 1917 York Co., Pennsylvania newspaper:


P. Curtis Laughman and Miss Effie May Dellinger, both of this city, were married last evening by Rev. Daniel Hauser. The ceremony was performed in the parsonage, 804 West Poplar Street."


W.E. Laughman (M)

     W.E. Laughman was born at Pennsylvania. He married Mary Rickroth.


Child of W.E. Laughman and Mary Rickroth
P. Curtis Laughman b. c 1891

Betty M. Laughman-Estep (F)
b. 1924, d. 1990

     Betty M. Laughman-Estep was born in 1924. She died in 1990.


Child of Betty M. Laughman-Estep and Cletus Roy Poe
Ronald Lee Poe Estep+ b. 2 Aug 1946, d. 8 Jun 1992

M. O. Laukins (M)

     He married Laura A. Atkinson.


(?) Lauman (M)

     He married (?) Leasure.

Child of (?) Lauman and (?) Leasure
Bernice Lauman+ b. 10 Mar 1896, d. 14 Feb 1977

Bernice Lauman (F)
b. 10 March 1896, d. 14 February 1977
Pop-up Pedigree

     Bernice was born at Attica, Fountain Co., Indiana, on 10 March 1896. She was the daughter of (?) Lauman and (?) Leasure. She married William Luther Baynes at Illinois on 20 May 1921. Bernice died on 14 February 1977 at Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, at age 80.

Child of Bernice Lauman and William Luther Baynes
Frank Lauman Baynes+ b. 9 Sep 1922, d. 16 Jul 1999

Sophia Fredericka Henritte Laumann (F)
b. 1816, d. 1891

     Sophia Fredericka Henritte Laumann was born in 1816 at Bellengburg, Germany. She married Jurgen Henrich Stork in 1844 at Germany. Sophia Fredericka Henritte Laumann immigrated in 1859; In 1859 Sophia, or as she was commonly called - Rachel, immigrated to America with her sons: Henry, William and August, and daughter, Caroline. She married Christoph Winter. Sophia Fredericka Henritte Laumann died in 1891 at Stephenson Co., Illinois.


Children of Sophia Fredericka Henritte Laumann and Jurgen Henrich Stork
Henry Simon Stork b. 1845
Karoline Freidricke Stork+ b. 1848
William Stork b. 1850
August Stork b. 1853

Eliza Laumaster (F)
b. 2 August 1807, d. 4 August 1870
Pop-up Pedigree

     Eliza Laumaster was born on 2 August 1807 at York Co., Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Jacob Laumaster and Mary Ann (?). Eliza Laumaster married Charles Welsh on 4 March 1827 at York Co., Pennsylvania. Eliza Laumaster died on 4 August 1870 at York, York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 63.


Child of Eliza Laumaster and Charles Welsh
David H. Welsh+ b. 13 Aug 1845

Jacob Laumaster (M)
b. 19 April 1781, d. 17 September 1856

     Jacob Laumaster was born on 19 April 1781. He married Mary Ann (?). Jacob Laumaster died on 17 September 1856 at age 75.


Children of Jacob Laumaster and Mary Ann (?)
Eliza Laumaster+ b. 2 Aug 1807, d. 4 Aug 1870
William Laumaster b. 27 Feb 1819

William Laumaster (M)
b. 27 February 1819
Pop-up Pedigree

     William Laumaster was born on 27 February 1819. He was the son of Jacob Laumaster and Mary Ann (?). William Laumaster married Mary Ann Stine on 20 June 1844.


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