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William Lawson (M)

     William Lawson married Nancy (?).


Children of William Lawson and Nancy (?)
Elias Milfin Lawson+ b. 30 Jan 1847, d. 24 Sep 1933
Ira Albert Lawson+ b. 1 Oct 1858, d. 12 May 1944

Willie Gay Lawson (F)
b. 3 March 1885, d. 15 February 1929

     Willie Gay Lawson was born on 3 March 1885 at Simpson, Taylor Co., West Virginia. She married Kent Reger, son of Henry Kesling Reger and Margaret Susan Queen, on 4 June 1905 at Taylor Co., West Virginia. Willie Gay Lawson died on 15 February 1929 at Clarksburg, Harrison Co., West Virginia, at age 43.


Children of Willie Gay Lawson and Kent Reger
Wayne W. Reger b. 10 May 1906
Verl Kent Reger b. 11 Nov 1911

Lester John Lawton (M)
b. 12 February 1920

     Lester John Lawton was born on 12 February 1920. He married Ruth Lucille Rudisill, daughter of William Henry Rudisill and Alice Virginia Forry, on 12 January 1966.


Ethan Laxton (M)

     He married Helen Pennington.

Bartholmew Lay (M)

     Bartholmew died at Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois. He married an unknown person at Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois, circa 1862.

Charles T. Lay (M)
b. before 1889
Pop-up Pedigree

     Charles T. Lay was born before 1889. He was the son of Mary Ann Lay.


Mary Ann Lay (F)
b. 1853, d. 24 December 1919

     Mary Ann Lay was born in 1853. She married John W. Weitzel, son of Henry Weitzel and Catherine Ann Miller, on 3 July 1889 at York Co., Pennsylvania. Mary Ann Lay died on 24 December 1919 at York Co., Pennsylvania; Mary died of pnemonia. She was buried in December 1919 at Prospect Hill Cemetery, North York, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Child of Mary Ann Lay
Charles T. Lay b. b 1889

Mary Ann Laycock (F)
d. 1863
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Ann Laycock was the daughter of Samuel Laycock and Hannah Taylor. Mary Ann Laycock married Isaac Cody, son of Philip Cody and Lydia Martin, in 1840 at Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio. Mary Ann Laycock died in 1863 at Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co., Kansas.


Children of Mary Ann Laycock and Isaac Cody
Samuel Cody b. 22 Feb 1841
Julia Melvina Cody b. 28 Mar 1843
William Frederick Cody b. 26 Feb 1846, d. 10 Jan 1917
Eliza Alice Cody b. 20 Mar 1848
Laura Ella "Helen" Cody b. 27 Jun 1850
Mary Hanna Cody b. 12 Oct 1853
Charles Whitney Cody b. 10 May 1855

Samuel Laycock (M)
b. 1776
Pop-up Pedigree

     Samuel Laycock was born in 1776. He was the son of Thomas Laycock and Hannah Bunting. Samuel Laycock married Hannah Taylor, daughter of Enoch Taylor and Elizabeth Maris.


Child of Samuel Laycock and Hannah Taylor
Mary Ann Laycock+ d. 1863

Thomas Laycock (M)

     Thomas Laycock married Hannah Bunting.


Child of Thomas Laycock and Hannah Bunting
Samuel Laycock+ b. 1776

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