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Jane Ashley1,2 (F)

     She married Francis Waggoner Howard.

Child of Jane Ashley and Francis Waggoner Howard
Emily Lavina "Daisy" Howard+ b. 11 Sep 1854, d. 5 Dec 1945


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  2. [S115] Descendants of Philipp Dellinger, Paul Dellinger & Nard Cloninger.

Lothel Ashley (M)

     Lothel Ashley married Mattie Bell Shirey, daughter of Peter Earlie Shirey and Nancy Magnolia Morris.


Margaret Ashley (F)

     Margaret was born at Nantwich, Cheshire, England. She married Geoffrey Sharpless at Cheshire, England, on 27 April 1611. Her body was interred on 21 January 1644 at Wybunbury, Cheshire, England.


Children of Margaret Ashley and Geoffrey Sharpless
Richard Sharples b. 4 Sep 1612
Ellen Sharples+ b. 4 Mar 1615
Margery Sharples b. 12 Jul 1618, d. 24 Dec 1670
(?) Sharples b. c 1620
John Sharpless+ b. 1624, d. 11 Jun 1685
Mary Sharples b. 19 Aug 1627, d. 26 Apr 1703
Rebecca Sharples+ b. 30 Jan 1631, d. 25 Apr 1703

John Ashmead (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     John Ashmead was the son of John Ashmead and Mary Courier. He married Sarah Sellers at Pennsylvania on 13 July 1703.


John Ashmead (M)

     He married Mary Courier.


Child of John Ashmead and Mary Courier
John Ashmead

Sarah Ashmead (F)

     She married Samuel Marshall.


Child of Sarah Ashmead and Samuel Marshall
Mary Marshall

Lydia J. Ashworth1 (F)
b. 1855

     Lydia was born in 1855. She married Zachary Taylor Layman.


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Barbara Askew1 (F)

     She married Joseph Baynes.


Child of Barbara Askew and Joseph Baynes
James Baynes+ b. 1700, d. 10 Apr 1772


  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

Kathryn Askew (F)

     She married Paul Iraneus Tinkler.


Paul Askins (M)
d. December

     Paul Askins died in December; Died from pancreatic cancer, which was diagnosed just before Thanksgiving and he died a month later.


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