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John Loomis (M)
d. 26 March 1835

     John Loomis married Sophia Sexton, daughter of Noah Sexton and (?) Whatt, circa 1814. John Loomis died on 26 March 1835.


Child of John Loomis and Sophia Sexton
Mary M. Loomis+ b. 22 Feb 1822, d. 2 Sep 1848

Mary M. Loomis (F)
b. 22 February 1822, d. 2 September 1848
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary M. Loomis was born on 22 February 1822 at Virginia. She was the daughter of John Loomis and Sophia Sexton. Mary M. Loomis married Elmore Brake, son of John B. Brake and Rachel Hyre, on 1 October 1837 at Lewis Co., Virginia; Elmore married his step-sister, Mary Loomis, daughter of his father's second wife through her first husband. Mary M. Loomis died on 2 September 1848 at age 26.


Children of Mary M. Loomis and Elmore Brake
Martha Elizabeth Brake+ b. 28 Aug 1838, d. 11 Jan 1886
Louisa Brake+ b. 24 Jan 1842, d. 20 Apr 1929
George Jefferson Brake+ b. 25 May 1844, d. 8 Nov 1899
Albert Rust Brake+ b. 27 Feb 1848, d. 17 Nov 1948

Mary C. Looney1 (F)
b. 30 August 1859, d. 26 August 1923

     Mary was born at Knox Co., Tennessee, on 30 August 1859. She married Jeffrey G. Lonas on 1 February 1876. Mary died on 26 August 1923 at Knox Co., Tennessee, at age 63.

Children of Mary C. Looney and Jeffrey G. Lonas
Ralph Lonas+ b. 18 Dec 1876, d. 22 Nov 1963
Charlie J. Lonas b. 9 Jan 1879, d. 28 Apr 1885
Oliver Lonas b. 13 Sep 1879, d. 28 Apr 1885
Emerson Lonas+ b. 8 Sep 1883, d. 29 Sep 1918
Frank Brook Lonas+ b. 4 Sep 1888, d. 13 Dec 1936
Looney Leon Lonas b. 20 Aug 1890, d. 21 Aug 1971
Naomi Lucille Lonas b. 24 Dec 1894, d. 26 Aug 1923


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Anna Loose1 (F)

     She married Chester Rinker Bauserman.

Children of Anna Loose and Chester Rinker Bauserman
Leslie Bauserman+
Charles Rinker Bauserman Jr.+


  1. [S81] Rinker - Dellinger, Eleanor Rinker Migliore.

Joseph Lopp (M)

     Joseph Lopp married Melvina E. "Libbie" Brake, daughter of Jacob James Brake and Margaret Jane Probst.


Charles Lord1,2,3 (M)

     He married Margaret Dellinger.



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Anne C. Lorentz (F)
b. 25 February 1887
Pop-up Pedigree

     Anne C. Lorentz was born on 25 February 1887 at Illinois. She was the daughter of Conrad Edward Lorentz and Anna C. Friedinger. Anne C. Lorentz married Cloyd L. Dellinger, son of David Lyle Dellinger and Nancy E. (?), on 28 April 1905. Anne was listed as Cloyd L. Dellinger's wife on the 1910 Census at West Point Twp., White Co., Indiana. Anne was listed as Cloyd L. Dellinger's wife on the 1920 Census at Walcott, White Co., Indiana.


Children of Anne C. Lorentz and Cloyd L. Dellinger
David L. Dellinger+ b. c 1909
Hazel M. Dellinger b. c 1913
Marion Dellinger b. 9 Feb 1925, d. Mar 1992

Conrad Edward Lorentz (M)

     Conrad Edward Lorentz married Anna C. Friedinger.


Child of Conrad Edward Lorentz and Anna C. Friedinger
Anne C. Lorentz+ b. 25 Feb 1887

Lawrence Lorenzen1,2 (M)

     Lawrence Lorenzen married Shirlene Dellinger, daughter of Barney Bask Dellinger and Nannie B. Hulsey.1,2



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Andrew H. Loretz (M)
b. 3 June 1799, d. 30 December 1864

     Andrew H. Loretz was born on 3 June 1799. He married Elizabeth Ramsaur, daughter of Henry Ramsaur and Mary Magdalene Shuford, on 30 May 1822. Andrew H. Loretz died on 30 December 1864 at age 65.

Children of Andrew H. Loretz and Elizabeth Ramsaur
Mary Loretz b. bt 1823 - 1825
Henry F. Loretz b. 16 Apr 1824, d. 7 Nov 1834
Barbara Loretz b. bt 1825 - 1830
Elizabeth C. Loretz b. 4 Apr 1827, d. 5 Jun 1829
Ann Elizabeth Loretz b. 4 Dec 1829, d. 18 Feb 1897
Sarah Loretz b. c 1831
George L. Loretz b. 11 Jan 1833, d. 18 Mar 1834

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