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Phoebe C. Luce (F)
b. 30 January 1812, d. before November 1848
Pop-up Pedigree

     Phoebe C. Luce was born on 30 January 1812. She was the daughter of Moses Luce. Phoebe C. Luce married William Paddock, son of Henry Paddock and Miriam (?), on 11 January 1829. Phoebe C. Luce died before November 1848.


Children of Phoebe C. Luce and William Paddock
Henry Paddock
Catherine Paddock
Cynthia Paddock
Melra Paddock
Moses Paddock
Miriam Paddock
Ellen Paddock+ b. 1837

Samuel Luchsinger (M)

     He married an unknown person .

Allen W. Luckenbaugh1,2 (M)

     He married Fannie Dellinger at Green Ridge, York Co., Pennsylvania, on 15 September 1901.



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Rebecca Luckenbaugh1 (F)
b. circa 1857, d. 21 August 1913

     Rebecca Luckenbaugh was born circa 1857 at Pennsylvania. She married Calvin M. Dellinger at York, York Co., Pennsylvania, on 13 March 1907. Rebecca was listed as Calvin M. Dellinger's wife on the 1910 Census at York Co., Pennsylvania. Rebecca died on 21 August 1913.



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John V. Luckenbill (F)
b. 1882, d. 1955

     She married Alma Prugh. John was born in 1882. John died in 1955.

Ada Mae Luckey (F)

     She married Earl Elwood Prugh on 10 June 1903.


Ileen Lucy (F)

     She married Clifford Vern Brice in 1932.


Frances A. Ludington (F)
d. 1902

     Frances A. Ludington was born at Michigan. She married Rev. Alfred Alphaeus Reger, son of Abram Reger and Leah Ann Brake, on 6 June 1843. Frances A. Ludington died in 1902.


Children of Frances A. Ludington and Rev. Alfred Alphaeus Reger
Jennie F. Reger
William Albert Reger b. 18 Feb 1852, d. 27 Oct 1901
Horace L. Reger b. 5 Nov 1858, d. 6 Jun 1923
Harry James Reger b. 4 Apr 1863, d. 16 Dec 1926

Ann Ludwig (F)

     Ann Ludwig married George Adolph Coffman, son of Joseph Rinker Coffman and Elizabeth Ann Coffelt, on 16 October 1868.


Child of Ann Ludwig and George Adolph Coffman
Jacob Coffman

Margaretha Ludwig (F)

     Margaretha Ludwig married Johann Friedrich Schleckmann.


Child of Margaretha Ludwig and Johann Friedrich Schleckmann
Johann Heinrich Schleckmann b. 3 May 1849, d. 4 Jan 1917

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