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William Magers (M)
b. circa 1800

     William Magers was born circa 1800. He married Elizabeth Dellinger, daughter of George Dellinger and Barbara Hockman, on 25 April 1831 at Shenandoah Co., Virginia. William Magers lived at Lewis and Clark Co., Montana.

Children of William Magers and Elizabeth Dellinger
Jesse Magers
John Magers
George Magers
Perry Magers
Alexander Magers

(?) Maghee (M)

     He married Bessie C. Moffatt.


Henry Magnus (M)

     Henry Magnus married Martha "Mattie" Poff, daughter of Levi Henry Poff and Irene Adair.


Dudley Henry Magnuson (M)
b. 1899, d. 1947

     Dudley Henry Magnuson was born in 1899. He married Nell Pearl Gray, daughter of Charles Allen Gray and Georgiana Elizabeth Reep, in August 1920. Dudley Henry Magnuson died in 1947.


Sarah Magraugh (F)
b. 10 August 1825

     Sarah Magraugh was born on 10 August 1825 at New York. She married James A. Hutchinson on 29 June 1853 at Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.


Child of Sarah Magraugh and James A. Hutchinson
Harry N. Hutchinson+ b. 27 Nov 1857

(?) Magruder (M)

     He married Emma Margaret Millen.


Hulda Mahaffey (F)

     Hulda Mahaffey married Millard Calderwood.


Child of Hulda Mahaffey and Millard Calderwood
Hannah Calderwood b. 14 Dec 1921, d. 28 Nov 1989

Charles Mahan (M)

     Charles Mahan married Susie H. Woodman, daughter of Thomas Woodman and Sally Ballard, on 24 February 1894.


Evaline Mahan (F)
b. 1872, d. 1952

     Evaline Mahan was born in 1872. She married Virgil Burdett Miller, son of Augustus Ernest Charles Miller and Elizabeth Jane Goan, in 1892. Evaline Mahan died in 1952.


Samantha F. Mahan (F)

     She married John S. Chesnut at Sullivan Co., Indiana, on 15 December 1887. Samantha was divorced from John S. Chesnut in 1896.

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