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Mabel K. Mangan (F)
d. 1972

     She married Henry Hall Shigley. Mabel died in 1972.


Jacob F. Mangold (M)
b. 17 March 1847, d. 8 October 1908

     Jacob F. Mangold was born on 17 March 1847 at Ohio. He married Sophia Spangler, daughter of Michael Spangler and Dorothea Kiess, on 10 May 1866 at Adams Co., Indiana. Jacob F. Mangold died on 8 October 1908 at Adams Co., Indiana, at age 61.


Samuel Mangus1 (M)

     Samuel Mangus married Dinah Jane Rakestraw, daughter of Jeremiah Rakestraw and Margaret Borton, on 25 October 1867.1


  1. [S31] Rakestraw-Wyron, Dave Rakestraw.

Martha Manifold1 (F)

     She married Frederick Hoover.


  1. [S47] Peter & Elizabeth Hoover, Ruth Hoover Bowers.

Leo McCauley Manion (M)
d. 27 January 1990

     His body was interred at San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California, at Oak Hill Cemetery. Leo and Viola Manion had one child, Shirley Manion. Info from Shirley Marilyn Scherer. He married Viola Hester Moffett on 28 July 1920. Leo died on 27 January 1990 at San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California.

Kathrene Irene Maniord (F)

     Kathrene Irene Maniord married David Marion Gouldy, son of David Miller Gouldy and Nellie M. Neil.


Harriet Manis (F)

     Harriet Manis married Leroy Williams.


Child of Harriet Manis and Leroy Williams
Mary E. Williams+ b. 10 Feb 1859, d. 10 May 1949

Mathias E. Manley (M)

     He married Hannah Gaston. Judge in North Carolina.


Anna Dolly Mann1 (F)
b. 25 June 1881, d. 6 September 1977

     Anna was born at Chalk Mounds, Wabaunsee Co., Kansas, on 25 June 1881. She married Edward Ames Leibhart at Kearney, Buffalo Co., Nebraska, in May 1921. Anna died on 6 September 1977 at Gibbon, Buffalo Co., Nebraska, at age 96.


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Emsley Oliver Mann1 (M)

     He married Molly Moseley.

Child of Emsley Oliver Mann and Molly Moseley
Janie Luvilla Mann+ b. 16 Aug 1860, d. 11 Mar 1910


  1. [S120] Whitener & Dellinger.

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