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Cecilia Manny (F)

     She married Charles Edward Moffatt in 1843.


Children of Cecilia Manny and Charles Edward Moffatt
Ellen M. Moffatt b. 31 Mar 1845, d. 21 Aug 1845
Mary Emma Moffatt+ b. 12 Jul 1846
John Derando Moffatt b. 16 Nov 1848, d. 26 Jun 1850
Evalina Moffatt+ b. 7 Jun 1851
Caroline Derundo Moffatt b. 1 Oct 1859

Peter Manos (M)
b. 2 November 1869, d. 13 January 1932

     He married Frances Rebecca Knox. His body was interred at Chester Co., South Carolina. BURIED: Union ARP Cemetery. Peter was born on 2 November 1869. Peter died on 13 January 1932 at age 62.

(?) Manring1 (M)
b. circa 1845

     (?) Manring was born circa 1845.1 He married Margaret Ellen Stroup, daughter of Moses Stroup and Hester Amelia Alexander.1


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(?) Mansberger (M)

     (?) Mansberger married Mae Jean (?).


Arthur Mansfield (M)

     He married Nora Ellen Ditty on 15 October 1900.


Child of Arthur Mansfield and Nora Ellen Ditty
Francis Keith Mansfield+

David Mansfield (M)

     He married Caroline Moffatt.


Francis Keith Mansfield (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Francis Keith Mansfield was born. He was the son of Arthur Mansfield and Nora Ellen Ditty. Francis Keith Mansfield married Dorothy Anno.


William H. Mansfield (M)

     He married Elizabeth H. Shigley at Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, on 17 February 1848.


Sarah Manteen\Monteen (F)

     She married Philip Edwin Hoshaw.


Gerald Oliver Manypenny (M)
b. 3 October 1915, d. 9 November 1988
Pop-up Pedigree

     Gerald was born at Toronto, Jefferson Co., Ohio, on 3 October 1915. He was the son of Jesse J. Manypenny and Annie (?). Gerald died on 9 November 1988 at Connecticut at age 73.


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