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Salukas Eumenis "Luke" Marple (M)
b. 21 September 1860, d. 12 February 1948
Pop-up Pedigree

     Salukas Eumenis "Luke" Marple was born on 21 September 1860. He was the son of Albinos Reger Marple and Mary Jane Post. Salukas Eumenis "Luke" Marple married Anna Elizabeth Armstrong, daughter of Harvey Armstrong and Margaret McCoy, on 8 January 1880 at Upshur Co., West Virginia. Salukas Eumenis "Luke" Marple died on 12 February 1948 at Berlin, Lewis Co., West Virginia, at age 87. He was buried in February 1948 at IOOF Fairview Cemetery, Berlin, Lewis Co., West Virginia.


Children of Salukas Eumenis "Luke" Marple and Anna Elizabeth Armstrong
Moletus Marple+ b. 26 Jun 1882, d. 3 Feb 1924
Arley Marple b. Jun 1883, d. 2 Sep 1944
Heaston Marple+ b. 6 Aug 1886, d. 1965
Ferras Marple+ b. 10 Mar 1890, d. 31 Jul 1974
John E. Marple+ b. 27 Jul 1894, d. 2 May 1975
Lesta "Leslie" Marple b. 1899
Lois Marple b. 1902, d. 1984

Samantha Marple (F)
b. 21 July 1830, d. 11 February 1921
Pop-up Pedigree

     Samantha Marple was born on 21 July 1830. She was the daughter of John W. Marple and Ruth Reger. Samantha Marple married Job B. Casto, son of David J. Casto and Sarah Ward, on 7 September 1848 at Lewis Co., West Virginia. Samantha Marple died on 11 February 1921 at age 90. She was buried in February 1921 at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery.


Children of Samantha Marple and Job B. Casto
Augustus Casto d. 10 Jun 1868
Violetta Alice Casto+ b. 22 Oct 1849, d. 26 Apr 1917
David Chesterfield Casto+ b. Feb 1851
Florence E. Casto+ b. 20 Oct 1853
Missouri Isaac Casto+ b. 31 Mar 1858
Oscar L. Casto+ b. Nov 1858
Eusebuis W. Casto+ b. 10 Jun 1861, d. 1921
John H. Casto b. Sep 1863
Orlando Casto b. 21 Feb 1867, d. 6 Mar 1867

Emily Hutchinson Marquis (F)

     She married Theodore Melanttion Brown at Pinckneyville, Perry Co., Illinois, on 24 September 1873.

Elizabeth Marr1,2 (F)

     She married Jacob Gilbert.


Child of Elizabeth Marr and Jacob Gilbert
Minnie Rebecca Gilbert+ b. 1892


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Frances Marr (F)

     Frances Marr married Greenville Marshall.


Children of Frances Marr and Greenville Marshall
Mary Susan Marshall+ b. 12 Apr 1841, d. 19 Jul 1919
Benjamin Porter Marshall+ b. 25 Sep 1841, d. 28 Dec 1900

Kiltie Marriott (F)

     She married Sylvanus W. Moffatt in 1880.


Lizzie Marriott (F)

     She married William Sayer Moffatt in 1875.


Children of Lizzie Marriott and William Sayer Moffatt
Roy Marriott Moffatt b. 3 Dec 1881, d. 21 Mar 1882
Roy Will Moffatt b. 27 Feb 1884
Roy Marriott Moffatt b. 27 Feb 1884, d. 20 Sep 1893

P.M. Marrison1,2,3 (M)

     Last name is also given as Harrison. He married Mary Hulda Dellinger.


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Elizabeth Marsh (F)

     Elizabeth Marsh married John Griffith.


Child of Elizabeth Marsh and John Griffith
Jackson S. Griffith b. 1864

Hannah Marsh (F)

     Hannah Marsh married Thomas McFadden.


Child of Hannah Marsh and Thomas McFadden
Estelle "Ertel" McFadden+ b. Jul 1888, d. Aug 1913

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