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Ida M. Mason (F)
b. 1869
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ida M. Mason was born in 1869 at Ohio. She was the daughter of Newton Mason and Aurilla Ann Nicodemus.


Ida May Mason1 (F)
b. circa 1869

     Ida May Mason was born circa 1869.1 She married Lester Alexander Rhyne M.D., son of James Alexander Rhyne and Mary Elizabeth Hardy, on 28 August 1890 at Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia.1


Children of Ida May Mason and Lester Alexander Rhyne M.D.
Lucille Alexandria Rhyne b. c 19001
Samuel Kenard Rhyne b. c 19001


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John Mason1 (M)


Child of John Mason
Mary Mason+ b. 1724, d. 17571


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Margaret Mason1 (F)
b. 1885

     She married Vernon Beauchamp. Margaret was born in 1885.


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Margaret Mason (F)

     Margaret Mason married Michael Artman.


Children of Margaret Mason and Michael Artman
Solomon Artman+ b. Apr 1796, d. Oct 1837
Adam Artman+ b. 1804, d. 11 Mar 1868

Margaret Alice Mason (F)
b. 11 March 1866, d. 17 February 1901

     Margaret Alice Mason was born on 11 March 1866. She married Jefferson Davis Harrelson, son of James Franklin Harrelson and Margaret Amanda Dellinger. Margaret Alice Mason died on 17 February 1901 at age 34; After the death of Margaret Alice Mason her three boys went to live with
her brother James Mason and his wife Julia. I don't know who raised the
two girls.


Children of Margaret Alice Mason and Jefferson Davis Harrelson
Forest Lee Harrelson b. Feb 1890
Thomas Kincaid Harrelson+ b. Mar 1894
Joseph Mason Harrelson b. Oct 1895
Margaret Elizabeth Harrelson+ b. 3 Apr 1898, d. 3 Aug 1986
Lydia Anne Harrelson b. 10 Apr 1900, d. 4 Nov 1992

Mary Mason (F)
b. 10 August 1818, d. 15 October 1841

     Mary was born at New York, New York Co., New York, on 10 August 1818. She married John Moffat Howe Rev. at New York, New York Co., New York, on 30 October 1838. Mary died on 15 October 1841 at age 23.

Children of Mary Mason and John Moffat Howe Rev.
Frances Ramadge Howe
John Morgan Howe
George Rowland Howe
Edwin Jenkins Howe
Charles Mortimer Howe
Ella Louise Howe
Emeline Howe
Susan Elanora Howe
Mary Mason Howe b. 10 Oct 1841, d. 20 Nov 1841

Mary Mason1 (F)
b. 1724, d. 1757
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born in 1724. She was the daughter of John Mason.1 She married Thomas Rakestraw Jr. in April 1739. Mary Mason died in 1757.


Children of Mary Mason and Thomas Rakestraw Jr.
Thomas Rakestraw III b. c 17401
Abraham Rakestraw+ b. c 1744, d. 1816
Mary Rakestraw b. c 17461
Hannah Rakestraw+ b. 26 Jun 1749, d. 24 Jul 18281
Lucretia Rakestraw b. c 17501
Rachel Rakestraw b. c 17531


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Mary P. Mason (F)
b. circa 1795

     Mary P. Mason was born circa 1795 at Pennsylvania. She married William W. Downing, son of Joseph Richard Downing and Ann Worrall.


Newton Mason (M)

     Newton Mason married Aurilla Ann Nicodemus, daughter of Henry Nicodemus and Catherine Middleton. Newton Mason was census 1870 in 1870 at Violet Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio; Newton was a head of household in the 1870 Violet Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio census.


Child of Newton Mason and Aurilla Ann Nicodemus
Ida M. Mason b. 1869

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