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Oscar Mason1 (M)
b. 26 August 1917, d. August 1972

     Oscar was born on 26 August 1917. He married Lorene Bryant. Oscar died in August 1972.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Robert L. Mason (M)

     He married Laura Frances Lawler.


Child of Robert L. Mason and Laura Frances Lawler
Aileen Augusta Mason b. 17 Apr 1906, d. Oct 1975

Edith Masprett (F)

     She married Nicholas Pyle on 27 September 1656.


Dora Massagee1 (F)
b. 16 July 1857, d. 23 January 1927

     Dora was born on 16 July 1857. She married John Boston Beam. Dora died on 23 January 1927 at age 69.

Children of Dora Massagee and John Boston Beam
William Franklin Beam
Minnie Beam
Cora Louella Beam b. 26 Jan 1878, d. 23 Nov 1961
George Lee Beam b. 5 Apr 1882, d. 1977
Mittie Beam b. 23 Mar 1884, d. 4 Jan 1959
Josephine Maude Beam b. 28 Jan 1890, d. 7 Jan 1975
James Edward Beam b. 28 Dec 1897


  1. [S122] Descendants of John Teeter Beam, James Beam.

(?) Massey (F)

     She married Walter Dunlap.


Child of (?) Massey and Walter Dunlap
Dora Dunlap+

Beverly Denise Massey (F)
b. 22 October 1966, d. 2 April 1989

     Beverly Denise Massey was born on 22 October 1966. She died on 2 April 1989 at age 22.


E. McClelland Massey (M)

     He married L. Madorah McGee.

James Massey (M)

     He married Hannah Worrall.


Mary E. Massey (F)

     She married George E. Killian at Drew Co., Arkansas, on 4 May 1871.


Samuel A. Massey (M)
b. 3 October 1910, d. 8 July 1976

     Samuel A. Massey was born on 3 October 1910. He married Josephine Gertrude "Jodie" Garrett, daughter of Nathan Elsberry "Bud" Garrett and Stella May Dellinger. Samuel A. Massey died on 8 July 1976 at age 65.


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