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Sallie McCants (F)
b. 1845

     Sallie was born at South Carolina in 1845. She married Alexander Scott Douglas in 1878.

Child of Sallie McCants and Alexander Scott Douglas
Alexander Scott Douglas Jr. b. Mar 1880

Betty McCarley (F)

     She married Sylvester McWatters.


Child of Betty McCarley and Sylvester McWatters
Willie Mae McWatters+ b. 27 Jan 1920, d. 18 Oct 1959

Beatrice Joy McCarney (F)
b. 24 January 1928, d. 30 December 1999

     Beatrice Joy McCarney was born on 24 January 1928. She married Wilburn Reece Neal, son of Noah Jacob Neal and Bessie Eleanor Dellinger. Beatrice Joy McCarney died on 30 December 1999 at age 71. She was buried in January 2000 at Riverview Baptist Church Cemetery, Lincolnton, Lincoln Co., North Carolina.


James McCarter (M)

     He married Harriett Rudisell.


Child of James McCarter and Harriett Rudisell
Marian McCarter+ b. 1900

Marian McCarter (F)
b. 1900
Pop-up Pedigree

     Marian was born in 1900. She was the daughter of James McCarter and Harriett Rudisell. She married William Wylie Gaston Jr. at York Co., South Carolina, on 20 May 1925.


Frances McCarthy (F)

     She married John Norman Bradley.


George McCartney (M)

     George McCartney married Sarah M. (?).


Child of George McCartney and Sarah M. (?)
Margaret Anna McCartney+ b. 24 Feb 1857, d. 8 Feb 1948

Margaret Anna McCartney (F)
b. 24 February 1857, d. 8 February 1948
Pop-up Pedigree

     Margaret Anna McCartney was born on 24 February 1857 at Canonsburg, Washington Co., Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of George McCartney and Sarah M. (?). Margaret Anna McCartney married John Henry Bails, son of Abraham Bail and Nancy Anthony, on 1 May 1879. Margaret Anna McCartney died on 8 February 1948 at Canonsburg, Washington Co., Pennsylvania, at age 90.


Children of Margaret Anna McCartney and John Henry Bails
George Emery Bails b. 10 Apr 1880, d. 17 Nov 1884
Nancy Elizabeth Bails b. 28 Aug 1883, d. 6 Mar 1965
Enoch Harrison Bails b. 1 Dec 1885, d. 15 May 1955
Wallace Walker Bails b. 5 Oct 1889, d. 7 Sep 1975
Harry Johnston Bails b. 11 Jun 1893
Hugh Oliver Bails b. 2 Nov 1896
Mary Priscilla Bails b. 28 May 1903, d. 19 Jun 1969

Sally McCartney (F)

     She married Charles M. Sheffler.


Inez McCarty (F)

     Inez McCarty married Chester Grabbe, son of Fred Herman Grabbe Jr. and Mamie Stella Dellinger.

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